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After winning the Italian Cup, Hockey Sarzana is now seeking to play the Scudetto play-offs

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The Easter holiday, marked by the victory of Gamma Innovation Sarzana, is already in the annals, but the winners will soon have to forget because the season is so urgent. Double appointment in 24 hours, the after-party for a club that has definitively entered the elite roller hockey game, nearly thirty years after its founding, having won several glories in the youth field and a path of growth both nationally and internationally. Sarzana is the 20th Italian municipality to be able to boast the most national laureate at the male level (the last Forte dei Marmi in 2013), and the twenty-fourth also including the titles won in the female field (the last Montebello in 2019). Gamma Innovation Sarzana has to set aside a historic weekend to indulge in the second of the three goals still open: the PalaTerzi Coppa Italia winners’ adventure to immediately find an advantage in the preliminaries and in about a month the European semi-finals begins. The opponent is one of the most annoying contenders, Federico Paghi’s Edilfox Grosseto, who is more comfortable and above all who interpreted the latter part of the season better, beating Forte dei Marmi at home. Tenth to seventh and there is no doubt that the home leg advantage is the biggest point for Mariemann who won 5-2 in the league when the Rossoneri beat PalaTerzi 4-3. The red and white teams are looking to confirm their seventh place to enter the playoffs for the first time in their history, which goes hand in hand with the attacking vitality that has not always been noticed this season. “Not even time to party, you have to get back on track in a commitment that is vitally important for the rest of the season – President Maurizio Corona announces that he is still rejoicing at the victory achieved by his team In Sarzana now we are all in heaven, after Montebello was a complete disaster, and instead there is a common ground our fans must begin to understand. There is not only black and white, there are different shades of colors. Wednesday we have to stay on the ground, it’s going to be a tough match, Badji’s teams are always very aggressive, with their playing philosophy and I’m sure they will play a core game and try to replicate that strong and tough performance. That in the last tournament of the tournament he placed the barge Forte dei Marmi which was previously better than Bassano and went on to conquer a point on the circuit of Italian champion Lodi. This Maremma team is a well-organised team – President Corona continues – an opponent that must be approached with great calm and challenged with great calm without having the enthusiasm to go in search of an immediate match unblocking. In the return match of the regular season that took place on March 30th in Maremma, the Paje team gave us a good lesson that showed the quality of their team. Personally, I’ve always had a lot of respect for Grosseto’s team – Corona concludes – but on Wednesday we can’t go wrong with our approach, for us the match against Grosseto is key if we want to continue our qualifying journey. This is the moment when we can’t make mistakes, we can’t disappoint our fans, this is the moment when we have to be united, humble but bring the score home and then challenge Lodi in the quarter-finals. For the first time in its history, Grosseto 1951 Skaters Club qualifies for the A1 Series. The Red and White team finished the season in seventh place with 39 points. The top scorer is Franchi with 22 goals, followed by Saavedra with 21 goals. But we present in detail the Tuscan team that returned last season after 42 years to the A1 series, immediately adapting to the new category and conquering the all-important redemption at the end of the season. The bench remained firmly in the hands of Federico Bagi, formerly Follonica, the redemption leader he conquered last season. There are only three players left from the last tournament, starting with Captain Pablo Saavedra (1989), the heart of this team in recent years, the champion of promotion and salvation for the last tournament, the team’s top scorer with 21 goals, Argentine Mario Rodriguez. (1987) the former Follonica as a defensive beacon and the other from Follonica, 8 goals scored by Stefano Bhagi (1994) the team’s third top scorer with 16 goals. Seven new faces to search for an important position, Giovanni Ministi (1990) of Follonica (1990) arrived between positions and Bared Sassetti (1987) of Senese his deputy. With them are five new players with different characteristics starting with Alessandro Franchi of Follonica (1991), former Scandiano deputy scorer with 18 goals; Then two foreigners with high quality, Argentinian defender German Nacivic (1995) (former Argentine international) and the “Tall” Englishman but raised in Portugal, Alex Mount (1998), two young men, Folonia from Follonica, Cerse Capella (2001) ex Follonica and Grosseto doc Lorenzo Biancucci (2003) Ex Follonica and Castiglione. During the regular season, Edelfox lost on December 22, 2021 with a 4-3 score in Liguria 27 seconds before the goal of Joan Galpas, but in return, on March 30, the boys from Bagji replaced themselves by imposing themselves with a 5-2 score. At the end of the match he was practically placed in a safe zone after 32 minutes with Alessandro Franchi 3-0. In order to look forward to playing the quarter-final against Lodi, Grosseto players will need two matches of the same content. Wednesday is the fourth Serie A match between the two teams last season, the Rossoneri winning 4-1 and 3-1. The Rossoneri team is in full force. Before the match, Rossoneri photographers will be available for the fans to take a picture of the Coppa Italia.

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Play Wednesday 20 April – 8.45 pm – PalaTerzi di Sarzana (SP) Scope of innovation H. SARZANA – EDILFOX CP GROSSETO 1951 Referees: Luca Molli of Viareggio (LU) and Marcello Di Domenico di Correggio (RE) DIRECT FISRTV http://bit. / hpserieA1-sarzxgross – Commentary by Alessandro Grasso Peroni

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