December 9, 2023

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After the slap, the Apple movie with Will Smith will be postponed to 2023

After the slap, the Apple movie with Will Smith will be postponed to 2023

before Discontinued in August 2021 due to Covid just two weeks after filming startednow in the aftermath From the global slap to Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscars. There is no peace for ReleaseApple’s slavery with . movie will Smith in the role of the hero. According to the rumors I collected Variety.comAnd Apple TV + Exclusive can be Delayed to me 2023.

The Emancipation release did not have a release date, but in light of the very warm reception it received in the virtual movie market in Cannes when Warner Bros., MGM, Lionsgate and Universal, as well as Apple of course, challenged each other to the vote of millions for the rights to the film, it was It is widely believed that the movie will win in theaters by 2022 Then land on Apple’s live broadcast platform.

Now the background scene has changed, Variety writes, citing an anonymous source, after some internal discussions between Apple executives and the manager. The “first” in the fall “not very similar”. The feeling is that among the various factors that could have determined the delay compared to the initial plans, there’s also what happened at the Oscars: If the liberation protagonist’s image weakens, Apple has a vested interest in delaying its debut In order to “calm” public opinion and protect investment monstre From – it is said – 120 million dollars.

ReleaseDirected by Antoine Fuqua and based on a screenplay by William en Collage, it is a film Inspired by the story of an African American slave (played by Will Smith) better known as Gordon O Peter’s leather (Frustrated Peter), depicted from a famous tragic picture called black executioner Where the squat back appears. In the film, Peter, who escaped from a farm with the skin tags that nearly killed him on his back, embarks on a difficult journey north, where he joins the Union Army.

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