September 22, 2023

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After Slovenia, Hungary was also relegated

After Slovenia, Hungary was also relegated

In Tampere, Austria imposed penalties on the Swiss Bader and Del Corto and condemned the Hungarians. Surprising defeat for Canada against Norway

Austria saved themselves on penalties thanks to goals from Janal and Heinrich in the decisive World Cup match in Tampere against Hungary. On the other hand, the Hungarians led 1-0 first and then even 3-1 before the second siren and then reaped a defeat that condemned them to relegation. Of note is the assist provided by Dominik Zwerger from Leventinese to Hadom with a 3-3 goal. The Swiss Roger Bader, with the help of Arnaud del Corto at the barrier, thus managed to secure a new championship for Austria in the top-flight world league. Austria seem smitten with a fantastic comeback: a year ago against Great Britain, in another crucial match, they found themselves 3-1 down before rallying to win 5-3. For the first time in 19 years, they award themselves two consecutive World Cups in elite hockey.

As for the matches played in the afternoon, Denmark’s defeat by Sweden puts Germany into the quarter-finals. The Germans need only beat France on Tuesday afternoon to become Switzerland’s opponents in the first knockout match.

In the Switzerland group, Canada’s defeat by Norway was sensational. After snatching the equalizer 12″ from the end, the Americans lost the game in a penalty shootout against the Scandinavians, who managed to get past the opposing goaltender four times out of five.

World Cup in Tampere and Riga

Group A

Denmark – Sweden 1-4; Austria-Hungary leads 4-3.

classification: 1. US 6/18. 2. Sweden 6/17. 3. Finland 6/13. 4. Germany 6/9. 5. Denmark 6/8. 6. France 6/4. 7- Austria 7/3. 8- Hungary 7/3.

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Group B

Canada – Norway D 2-3; Kazakhstan – Slovenia 4-3.

classification: 1. Switzerland 6/18. 2- Czech Republic 13/6. 3. Canada 6/12. 4. Latvia 6/11. 5- Slovakia 6/8. 6. Kazakhstan 7/7. 7- Norway 6/6. 8. Slovenia 7/0.