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After great approval from the public, it now also gets 5 stars Ncap

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Alfa Tonale, you get the highest marks that allow you to earn 5 stars beauty. This is what emerged from the data published by Euro Ncap.

Alpha Tonali, Ncap – Mori

To receive 5 stars was Alfa Romeo Tonale, followed by Cobra Born, Kia Sportage and Mercedes-Benz T-Class and Citan. The Toyota Aygo X and BMW i4 stopped at only four stars.

According to the first data, Alfa Romeo Tonale could have had 5 stars despite being The front center airbag is missingthanks to all the other high level features.

Alfa Tonale convinces everyone with protection systems for passengers, adults and children

Alpha Tonale convinced Thanks to high levels of protection for adult passengers of 83% and child protection levels of an important 85%. Endowment Adas entrusted with 85% H minimum value balance which relates to pedestrian protection of a maximum of 67%.

Instead, the Kia Sportage got the highest score by repeating the same score as Hyundai Tucson. Also in this case, for Tonale, passenger protection reaches 87% for adults and 86% for children. These numbers make up for pedestrian protection which also reaches average levels here, 66%. The number lens is equal to 72%.


As for the Cupra Born, it repeats the Volkswagen ID.3 vote which will set very high values. A good rate is 93% for adult protection, 89% for children, 73% for pedestrians and finally 80% on driver assistance systems.

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Mercedes tracking beside Kangoo. The Mercedes-Benz T-Class and Citan each have five stars, a score of 91 and 93% for protection for adults and children, 69% for pedestrians and 90% in the Adas division.

BMW and Aygo are punished by Adas

There are no 5 stars for BMW i4, penalized by Adas with a meager 64%. The other numbers are excellent, 87% for occupant protection and 71% for pedestrians.

Aygo X stops at 4 starsAnd Toyota, due to the lack of some Adas, also stopped at 4 with 78% for passenger protection, 74% for pedestrians, and finally 81% for driver assistance systems.

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