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After Austria, Slovakia also returned to lockdown

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The Old Continent is experiencing an increasingly serious situation, with more than 2.5 million infections and nearly 30,000 deaths in the past week and a growing trend. Especially because the World Health Organization found, 45-47% of the European population is unvaccinated, as well as most people in the intensive care unit. The European Center for Diseases, ECDC, has also insisted on vaccines, but has asked governments to do more, albeit unpopular efforts: to adopt “non-drug measures”, that is, severe restrictions on social contacts.

The France Ready to get serious, also because the infection rate in children aged 6-10 has exploded: 340 cases per 100,000 population, while the national average for adults is 191. The government has prepared a blueprint for countermeasures based on the anticipation of a spokesperson The government, Gabriel Attal, is strengthening the divergence line and the green corridor and accelerating the campaign to recall the vaccination, which will be announced by Health Minister Olivier Veran, with the aim of “save the holidays”.

in a Germany, where experts estimate that the incidence of Covid is out of control (an impressive record of nearly 67,000 new infections), Chancellor Angela Merkel She convinced herself of the need for a very tough line. So much so that he proposes, in a secret meeting with the SPD, the Greens and the Liberals, a Immediate closure until December 8th, according to Bild. But the proposal was rejected by the leaders of the next government, who clearly fear protests. “The situation is serious,” future Social Democratic chancellor Olaf Schultz admitted, but limited himself to announcing the creation of a crisis unit on the pandemic.

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The Slovakia Instead, he had no doubts to go ahead and impose 15 days general insurance. Because we have to deal with the largest number of infections per capita in the world: more than 10,300 new cases in 24 hours, out of a population of 5 and a half million. “An unpopular but absolutely inevitable measure,” President Zuzana Caputova confirmed.

in a Holland A return to semi-confinement has unleashed “no fax” violence, but Prime Minister Mark Rutte is not ready to back down. In fact, she is preparing to go further. The common hypothesis is School closures. New pressures are also being contemplated in Central and Eastern Europe, leading to significant delays in vaccinations (just mention 24% of the immunized population in Bulgaria Compared to 86% of Portugal). Czech Republic It assesses the commitment of certain groups and classes of people. in a Poland The government, which has so far been cautious about lockdowns, said it may reverse the trend if the infection rate does not start to decline by mid-December.

To avoid the winter of passion, the European Union Commission, which will be presented tomorrow New Travel Tips. The idea is to move from an approach based on the country of origin and no quarantine to one focused on the green corridor, which can be valid for 9 months.

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