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Additional motorcycles and scooters: this is how it works

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After listing the environmental bonus for cars in the Official Gazette, the government also introduced a bonus for the purchase of motorbikes and scooters. Miz has made available another 20 million euros that beneficiaries can use in the near future. Let’s see how environmental bonuses work and how to order them.

The Bonus for motorbikes and mini scooters, Thanks to Miz’s input. In detail, the online platform has reopened to request incentives, ie With this, future beneficiaries will be able to request the amounts owed. The bonus is boosted by another €20 million from Mise: let’s see, though, how and when to ask for it Environmental Reward.

Scooter bonus: How much is the bonus?


Let’s start our analysis of the reward for the motorbike and scooter, trying to understand it The amount of the reward actually owed to taxpayers who request the environmental reward For motorcycles and scooters. The mechanism in this case differs from the eco-bonus of cars, since there is no distinction between the types of models. Discount rates are equal and identical for all categories described above.

The discount will be given as a percentage of the actual purchase price, i.e. 30% for purchases without scrap and 40% for purchases with scrap.

Ecobonus 2022 motorcycles and scooters: what can you buy?


Let’s look for . first Which vehicles are eligible for the 2022 Motorcycle and Moped Eco Bonus, which was recently entered in the Official Gazette by Mise. The environmental bonus follows the wrong line of the car, which was also recently introduced into the Italian legal system. The aim of these bonuses is to try to increase the movement of non-polluting vehicles, not in line with the provisions of PNRR . number to environmental transformation.

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Vehicles that can be purchased are those that fall into these categories: L1e, L2e, L3e, L4e, L5e, L6e, L7e. These are the motorcycles and scooters that have a low environmental impact and they are In line with new EU provisions on emissions.

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