June 1, 2023

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According to Kojima, Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes was a misunderstood experience

It’s been nine years since it was published Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, but the small intro game created by Hideo Kojima and his team is still at the center of discussions among enthusiasts. Kojima himself had his say, explaining how the title was a Trial not included.

Through his Twitter profile, Kojima stated that Ground Zeroes was initially part of Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain, as Game introduction. Ground Zeroes is defined as an “experiment”, also designed to understand whether a post in episodic format will work. Kojima explains that the games’ lead times are long, and thus he thought of presenting the game as a sort of streaming TV series, with one episode published at a time.

However, Kojima says there was some confusion at launch from fans, who expected a “complete” game and not a very short introduction. Ground Zeroes actually served to introduce Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain’s story and gameplay mechanics. Kojima believes it His intentions were not understood.

One of the criticisms of Ground Zeroes was it, too priceconsidered very high given the short duration of the experiment.

As you know, Kojima and Konami (the publisher of Metal Gear Solid) broke up a long time ago and Kojima is no longer connected to the saga in any way. However, according to reports, Konami is planning a big E3 2023 with Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake (and more).

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