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Aboudi is a gift to the world of football

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There is no time to lose, there are many decisions that new Sports Minister Andrea Abode will have to make, and in a hurry. It is necessary to restart the Olympic apparatus: the Milan-Cortina 2026 Foundation has been waiting for a long time for a CEO and an operating board. Mario Draghi and Georgia Meloni took a stand that upset the IOC, not just the IOC. Now it’s up to Abode. Once the hypothesis of Leticia Moratti, maneuvering into the house of the center-right, the Minister of Sports confirmed that a decision will be made within the next week. It guarantees not only ‘quality of choice’ but also ‘common methodology’. Here is the point, some of the names did not appeal to the members of the Foundation (Sala, Fontana, Zaya, Fogatti, Malaji): only the name of Aboudi everyone agreed, but then the Prime Minister preferred to give him the position of Minister of Sports and Youth. The premise of my temporary slavery in the organization does not convince everyone, it is better to choose a manager from a short list of 4-5 names (salary, 500,000 euros per year). Then the board of directors will be reconstituted, with Malagò head of the foundation, and Abodi will continue to play an important role as Olympic agents take over. The delays accumulated in recent years must be bridged.

On the football front, the suspension of contributions and Social Security payments expires on December 16. Serie A clubs will only have to pay around 500 million in taxes, unless there is a new extension measure from the state. A political choice to be reckoned with: It is true that this shift has been decided in times of a pandemic, with states closed and with clubs losing hundreds of millions. But the stadiums are now open, a lot of them are also full, and we’re back to normal. Is it right to give this privilege to football (which squanders it) in comparison to other categories? A decision can lead to many disagreements, even at a high level. Moreover, Gravina and Petrucci have repeatedly requested regulatory intervention to suspend the entry into force of the corrective decree on sports work from January 1, 2023. Malagò also supports this initiative that would put more difficulties in a company already in crisis due to high energy prices. . The reform of the sport had a very turbulent trajectory, first with Spadafora and then with Valentina Vezzali: Abodi will have to reach out to him. As well as the decision on the sports department, led by Michel Sicioli, and Sport e Salute Spa (President and CEO Vito Cozzoli expires in March 2023). Continuity or discontinuity? Moreover, “Following the appointment of Andrea Abode as Minister of Sports and Youth, in application of the mechanism provided for in paragraph 4 of Article 12 of the Statute, Antonella Baldino will assume the functions of President, until the new appointment, as a member of the Board of Directors appointed in 2018 on the designation Cassa Depositi e Prestiti SpA after consulting the Minister of Financial Economy”. It was announced this morning by the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo that Abodi has worked with great results in recent years, winning the recognition of the world of sport and public bodies. Now thousands of problems await him.

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To Malagò Honor Card from Ancri
Giovanni Malago, President of Coni, received the Card of Honor from the ANCRI (National Association of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic) for raising the colors of Italy in sport under his presidency and collecting more than 100 medals at the Olympic Games as President of the Italian National Olympic Committee. The ceremony was held during the conference “The Ceremonial Architecture of the Republic – Codes, Customs and Rules” organized this morning in the Coni Hall of Honor. The hall is full of authorities, and the complete success of the initiative desired by the governor Francesco Taglienti. “Our hymn is by far the most sung and the most captivating of audiences all over the world – if we put the symbol of the five circles and the words ‘Italià,’” said Malago on the sidelines, “everything next to the hymn. It becomes even more magical.” “The celebration is very important because it gives full meaning to the values ​​of identity – added Governor Lamberto Giannini, Chief of Police – today the value of our anthem is explained and made more aware when we hear it. The message is extraordinary: a people united in the pursuit of freedom. This is closely linked to sport, a world based on education. culture, fairness and honesty.

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