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Abigail, a stunning, adrenaline-packed horror film, with Tarantino-style curious characters

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A group of criminals kidnap a twelve-year-old girl returning from a dance, pick her up in her luxurious villa with a quick and organized execution and take her to a secluded old house prepared for this purpose. Lambert, the organizer of the heist, doesn’t want to tell them who this little girl is: they’ll just have to take care of her for 24 hours while waiting for the ransom negotiations to finish and for the wealthy parent to pay the demanding fifty. Million dollars. Everything seems to be under control. But Abigail is also more dangerous than she seems.

The story, in its main narrative line, is very simple. A Tarantino-style cast of characters – complete with fake names adopted for the occasion – find themselves dealing with a monstrous creature in a hostile and isolated place and must try to survive.

The young dancing vampire is a strange and original character, to whom young Alisha Weir brings depth and nuance. The directors prove quite at ease in approaching the world of vampires in a modern key, but with a clear eye for the lore of the past, including some classic elements and rejecting others in a vortex that favors action over thought.

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