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A1 Ice Rink Hockey Series: Defeat Ingas 3 to 1 by Galileo Follonica

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Heartfelt performance, determination and character is not enoughimpurity Vercelli, To earn points against the quoted Follonica, drop to Bala The clear intention is to bring the full stake to Maremma. Deprived of two essential men like a long-term inmate Ojeda The unqualified Zucchetti, master punt He was forced to rotate only two changes on the track, while on the other side Silva (whom we remember on the Amatori seat in the Serie A1 season 2018/19), the entire staff can be counted on.

Despite this, from the start, the match turned out to be fundamentally balanced even if, objectively, Verona goalkeeper from Vercelli took more risks than his teammate. Barozi, number one in the Italian national team. In the first quarter hour of play, the goalkeeper almost exclusively monopolizes the spotlight, thwarting countless scoring opportunities, up to 15’25” when, in case of numerical superiority, Matogini non-stop sliding Baroziand make best use of the precise help of Capitan Tatarani. The goal was 1-0, the result with which both teams returned to the dressing room for the break.

The common thread in recovery is soon told: Follonica ups the ante in search of a tie, Vercelli suffers, defending the advantage with teeth and nails, and becomes dangerous with a quick restart.; The score remained steady at 1-0 until just over eight minutes from the end, within two minutes, the brothers panini Reverse result. We still have six minutes to play, and black, yellow and green streams through half of Tuscany, spurred on by the inexhaustible cheers of their fans. MoyanoAnd the sat downAnd the TataraniAnd the Brusa And Maneiro are trying to break up the back guest, who, however, keeps a good watch Barozi. A few seconds left, with no goal for Vercelli, Francesco arrived 3-1 panini, which applies only to statistics. And so the three points take the path of Tuscany, with much regret and bitterness for yellow and green-black, still It dries once after a stubborn and generous performance.

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Below, the match report

Angus Versilirestricted1

Galileo Volonicarestricted3

Injas Versili: VeronaAnd the sat downAnd the MoyanoAnd the MatoginiAnd the TataraniAnd the BrusaAnd the manorAnd the Paciolo. Attached punt

Galileo Volonica: BaroziAnd the montoteDr. paniniF. PagniniM. PagniniF. paniniAnd the BonarelliAnd the montagelAnd the lopet SollerAnd the lint. Silva flocks

References: Molli di Viareggio e Davoli Modena

Scorers: 15’25” Matogini (Exposure value) and 4’46” and 49’34” F. panini (Ground), 43’56 inches d. panini (GF)

blue marks: montagel (GF) 2′

classification: to cheat Tricino 55 point buffs waskin Lodi 47, Galileo Volonica 44, Forte Marmi gas stations 43, appraker Bassano 38, Why Sport Valdagno 33, Gamma innovationSarzana 32, Edelfox Grosseto 30, impurity Vercelli 29, thier chemistry beautiful mountain 26, Telia medicalSandrigo 20, Teamservicecar Monza 15 Bidel Correggio 11, a horse Matera -15

Next Shift: (Saturday 19th at 8.45pm) impurity Vercelli Tier chemistry beautiful mountain

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