Home Economy A wave of incoming checks: the house and the money in the goal

A wave of incoming checks: the house and the money in the goal

A wave of incoming checks: the house and the money in the goal

new file compression tax, which begins from the first months of 2022 by launching a series of poetic checks on taxpayers, first of all focusing on the various bonuses and privileges introduced over the years by the various budget laws.

Various incentives for a house, in particular interface bonuses, earthquake bonuses, and all other measures for which credit transfer or invoice deduction is contemplated. As reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, the revenue agency has so far identified 800 million non-existent credits: a total of 19.3 billion euros have been activated from exchanges, of which 6.5 billion are for sales and invoice discounts related to the 110% Superbonus and 12.7 billion for all other construction incentives.

The checks for construction bonuses, for which the government has decreed a specific, will be particularly intense as it was announced: specific checks will be made on expenditures incurred based on the works already carried out. Indeed, one of the most prevalent anomalies has been the general increase in the cost of interventions, which is often unjustified. The bills are sometimes inflated, depending on the fact that the taxpayer does not carry out careful cost control since half or all of the amount is borne by the state. Precisely for this reason, specific reference price lists will be generated.

From the tax authorities’ point of view, the low-income owners basic income. The contribution will also be suspended if the beneficiary refuses to participate in various types of activities or interviews that will be held in person. A reduction in the allowance equivalent to €5 per month is also expected from the date following the date of any rejection of a suitable job offer.

that Current accounts It has already for some time been a privileged ground for investigation by tax authorities to rebuild the expenditures and habits of taxpayers is certainly not new. With the tightening of the use of cash in payments (from 2022 the minimum will drop from € 1999.99 to € 999.99), and thus the unwritten obligation to use credit cards or ATMs, checks will undoubtedly be implemented, even tighter.

who – which receptive It’s another segment ready to end up on a revenue agency’s radar: We’re talking specifically about hotels, B&Bs, and short-term rentals, like those offered by Airbnb. Tax evasion will be combated by giving tax authorities and other creditors, such as INPS, the right to access the database of accommodation facilities created in 2019. Since then, each of them has been identified by a specific code, which must be included in each offer. or promotion. In addition to demonstrating your compliance with the tax authorities, these checks will allow you to verify the payment of the tourism tax, which is the tax that structures collect from their guests and must subsequently pay to the municipality.


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