May 29, 2023

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A solar storm is coming: what could happen

If tonight and in the next few hours it’s Gps, mobile phone reception or radio interference, don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s not a problem with our devices: the error will be in solar storm In progress that will affect a large part of the land.

solar phenomenon

Therefore, Halloween is special, but with critical issues for those who work in technology: if it is true that the spectacular northern lights can be observed in the northern hemisphere, then the storm geomagnetism The ward is among the strongest and is classified as “G3 class” as I mentioned before NASA Which raised the alarm. “It’s almost Halloween and everyone wants to know: Is it true that no one can hear your scream in space? “They tweeted sarcastically. In practice, as we wrote in, it will be a kind of paraphrase of what happened in early October: the “glow” observed last Thursday on the surface of the Sun was caused by sunspot AR2887 in the southern part of our star. At 1,260 km/sec, it oscillates at full speed producing a powerful vibration that affected the entire solar surface.

This is theeviction of “coronal mass”, i.e. the huge amounts of matter that are released into the solar atmosphere and caused by very powerful and long-lasting solar flares that then spread widely producing the phenomena we described at the beginning. Practically speaking, space is being invaded by tons of plasma, and the biggest and only consequences for us are issues with technology.

What is the expected power outage

Space weather physics warns Tamitha SkovWhich showed the regions of the planet most affected. “Expect amateur radio blackout on the day side of the earth, particularly the USA, Canada, South America, Western Europe and Africa. GPS reception problems until near sunrise and sunset in the next hour!, reports Prophet. In short, the northern lights are visible even at lower-than-normal latitudes, but reception problems between electronic devices and radio communications can lead to complete blackouts. However, says the expert, with regard to Italy, the problems can be marginal: the United Kingdom and the Iberian Peninsula are most affected. Since this is a very strong storm, minor storms may also occur in the next few days, such as a bit when there is a strong earthquake followed by aftershocks.

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According to NASA forecasts, everything is expected to start in the next few hours: the “night side” of the Earth will be most affected until the early hours of dawn, in practice especially the United States (from Canada to South America) and then spread over the Atlantic Ocean to reach Europe. It’s going to be a special night anyway: Halloween and Solar Storm are added towinter timeThe clock movement that makes us sleep an extra hour. In short, we don’t miss anything.