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A player who hits the goalkeeper is not sent off: Al-Ittihad stops the referee

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Hockey – Hockey referee Luca Cassol has been suspended until the end of the season by the IHL. Referee creates bewilderment among players, fans and enthusiasts because …

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hockey – Hockey referee Luca Cassol suspended until the end of the season of international humanitarian law. Referee baffles players, fans, and enthusiasts because Feltre’s whistle boasts nearly forty years of experience, 38 to be exact, on the ice, including international ice. The episode on Saturday 18 February in the Appiano-Varese match marked the season of the referee from Feltre which is no longer assigned to Serie B, the category in which Aleg also plays. Suspension does not prevent him from arbitration in other categories.

the ring

The second match of the challenge is played between Appiano and Varese, a match valid for the third round of the Master Round. One point is enough for Varese to close the group first and be seeded into the playoffs. The score is 2-1 in favor of the Mastiffs. An operation takes place in the third attack of Abiano, with goalkeeper Perla coming out of the area to stop the puck behind the cage. at that moment The striker is from Appiano Erlacher He reaches full speed and collides with Pearl who falls to the ground. He will be taken to the infirmary and replaced. Casol sets a two-minute penalty kick, because the goalkeeper outside his own area is considered a player like the others, in the “untouchable” area.

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In the following days, Federghiacchio’s Cassol was suspended, a few matches for telling the truth, but a powerful gesture towards what is understood as a referee’s error: Erlacher had to be sent to the locker room. Some players express bewilderment: Why didn’t the other three referees point out the possible foul? Why did the comment only affect him and not the others? In the action video available on the “youtube” platform we can see Erlacher’s progress and the clash, but we can also see that the attacker is trying to avoid the goalkeeper who continues to play the puck, extending his left leg and closing the door to Erlacher who cannot get around him, if he wants to charge him It would probably hit him directly on the back.

the previous

In Luca Cassol’s 38-year career, one episode must be remembered. It was December 2005, a derby between Alig and Cortina, frantic souls. Sparks between Ampezzo’s colorful defender Luca Zandonella and Alege striker Daniele Faggiato. On several occasions, Veggiato addressed Zandonela with racist expressions, which the assistant referee overheard and reported to the head referee. In this case Cassol removed Figgiato, then apologetically, from the ice, but the episode cost the “owl” his place in the national team permanently.

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