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A new shaded study space in the library gardens

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New Shaded Study and Reading Space in the Gardens of the Arduino Library in Moncalieri: A gift from the Lions Club Moncalieri Host is the new gazebo that opens Wednesday, July 13th at 6.30pm. Library visitors will benefit from this, which together with the installation of the tree gives an added value to the large and welcoming green space. Accompanying the event are the tunes of Aer Mundis’s popular contemporary music, with a repertoire entirely written by Gian Giacomo Parigini, a musician and painter with an intense inner world and an insight into society. On the clarinet there will be Umberto Galante and on the guitar the same Parigini, in a mixture of fidelity to the score and improvisation associated with the special atmosphere that is created from time to time with the energies of the audience. Laura Pompeo presents the event.

“Ringazio the Lions Club Moncalieri hosts the gift of a new gazebo, which fits into a context like a library garden, enhancing it in line with the different actions already implemented over time. I only mention the last one in chronological order: the April installation and inauguration of the Dinosaur by Ezio Gribaudo – Culture consultant Laura Pompeo declares – The library garden has some potential yet to be discovered and put to good use, and that we included in MonVert: General Planning for the Reorganization and Strengthening of the Urban Green Order, which constitutes an evolution of the strategies of Moncalieri Città nel Verde. And that Compagnia di San Paolo is considered worthy of funding 80,000 euros of funds associated with the next generation we call it.”

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