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A new scam empties the accounts of many Italians, what you should pay attention to

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The imagination of scammers really knows no bounds and is now also targeting a well-known Italian supermarket.

Supermarkets are at the heart of the storm these days. Pulling food causes quite a stir Kinder products suspected of being contaminated with salmonella We are also talking more and more about the possibility of rationing foods that are increasingly scarce.

Actually Spain Legalization has already started and perhaps soon it could also affect our country. But now there is one Very cunning scam This puts many Italians in a dilemma. Let’s see what it is.

Very famous supermarkets

To end up in the crosshairs of scammers in supermarkets in Popular Esselunga series. Clients of a well-known supermarket chain risk a very malicious scam. clearly Esselunga has absolutely nothing to do with the facts It is a wounded party like its clients.

Let’s see what happens. Esselunga discount coupons are a way to save and these days of course A discount coupon from a famous supermarket chain can be very popular among customers. However, there is a message via SMS and via WhatsApp but also via social networks that talks about a very attractive promotion in relation to Esselunga supermarkets but also very dangerous.

Here’s how the scam works

Esselunga already has She recently turned 65 And he receives this message that promises a voucher from until 500 EUR. The fraudulent letter claims that Esselunga per Celebrating 65 years in business earns you a shopping voucher with a really important value to its clients. This message works a lot on WhatsApp but also on Telegram and across various digital channels. This message has been reported By e-mail and through social networks.

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How to defend yourself from fraud

The promise made by crooks is very tempting because You can get a shopping voucher worth 500 euros or even 1000 euros simply by participating in a trivial survey. The problem is that credit card information is also required to cover home delivery of the voucher. But Will you click on the survey link And above all to save credit card data: if you do this, in fact, you are allowing fraudsters to complete their scam and the consequences can be very heavy. It is the same supermarket chain that warns its customers.

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