Home Economy A new electricity and gas scam will save the Italians

A new electricity and gas scam will save the Italians

A new electricity and gas scam will save the Italians

Italians are finding it increasingly difficult to pay their electricity and gas bills, and the spiral of inflation is putting families and businesses to the test more and more.

For Italian families, the increases are increasingly heavy and bonus The government seems to be doing little to support families who are increasingly trying to get bigger.

ANSA / Alessandro De Marco

But in this scenario is too heavy and harmful to Italian families, A new electricity and gas scam is introduced Which could get a lot of Italians into trouble.

The new trick on electricity and gas

In this period, Italian families are trying to Save in any way on energy and gas consumption Any trick to try and get the bill is always welcome.


We try to use fewer devices and prefer devices with less impact. But let’s try to understand How does this new deceptive scam work How do you defend yourself? It all starts with a seemingly very ordinary phone call. The miserable person on duty receives a phone call from someone who does this Qualified as an electric and gas operator. The worker is very credible because he calls his interlocutor by name, tells him where he lives, etc.

market “protected”

The phone call has a very formal tone and serves only in theory Inform the user of current price increases. But after each intricate discourse mixing reality and inventions made to order, the alleged operator informs the user of the electricity and gas manager that However, it has the opportunity to save by taking advantage of moving to a so-called protected market provided by the government. Basically, in a smoky and complicated way, it is said that the manager will be required by law to inform the user that he has the possibility to save Thanks to the alternative provided by the government.

How do you defend yourself?

This obviously sounds like a lot Attractive For the user who really hope to save money and accept it Option to switch to this supposedly protected market. The customer is convinced that he made good savings but in fact what he did was Change the light and gas operator. Basically, the phone call is not intended to suggest a cheaper rate than the usual operator but is to pass the customer on to another operator emphatically Fraudulent and inappropriate. At this point in the next bill, the user will no longer find themselves the usual one, but this new launcher. It is important to pay attention to this scam that has already caused a lot of victims.


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