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A mistake that breaks the biggest taboo in football in FIFA 23

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FIFA 23 introduces mixed teams to the world of football…by mistake. A rare defect that occurs in the third year of the profession unlocks the “feature”.

The early days of new games, which mostly have an online component, can be very complex at the bug level, you know. It happened yesterday with Overwatch 2, and every year it happens with chapters of the FIFA series, making you smile (or pissed) depending on what’s wrong. This year, net first patch, it was the turn of a bug that breaks one of the biggest taboos in world football and inadvertently introduces mixed teams.

FIFA 23 introduces mixed teams…by mistake –

on me reddit In FIFA 23, user TheOutcome3 shared an image showing a career mode match starring Aston Villa defender Mayumi Pacheco in the Women’s Premier League, playing alongside the men at Real Madrid. “I have a bug in Career Mode where female players can be bought and now all the major clubs have women,” the player explained, adding how the error occurred during the third year of his career.

“What a bug!” –

The thing does not please the majority, on the contrary. “You call it a bug, I call it revolutionary! Equality!”, replied one of the players. “I hope that’s an advantage, frankly. If I can play with Ted Lasso and Richmond, why don’t you let me use Sam Kerr and Beth Meade?” Not as players from France and England (the only tournaments supported by FIFA 23 at the moment). For which EA Sports has yet to provide an answer.

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