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A meteorite hits America, and a museum offers $25,000 to find it!

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Christian Caravaggio Meteor Argentina 4 minutes
Maine Meteorite Museum
They will pay $25,000 to anyone who finds and delivers pieces of alien material weighing at least 1 kilogram.

The latest A meteorite impact in Maine (United States) has opened a treasure hunt of sorts after a museum concession that promised to pay. $25,000 to whoever finds and delivers at least 1 kilogram of extraterrestrial material. The impact occurred two Saturdays ago in a remote corner of the forest near the US-Canada border.

A An unusually bright fireball Daryl Pitt, head of the meteorite division at the Maine Minerals and Gems Museum in Bethel, said that the rock is weathered by the atmosphere and can be seen during the day. Fragments of a space rock may have fallen into space, stretching from Waite, Maine to Canoe, New Brunswick.

According to NASA, the largest samples are scattered in the western part of the debris field, closest to Waite, about a 3.5-hour drive from Portland.

Doubts about the size and weight of meteorite fragments

there NASA Radar recorded the meteorite crash in Maine and confirmed that many people have heard sonic booms caused by an object when it exceeds the speed of sound. According to Pitt, Radar detected the meteorite’s fiery decay, confirming its remains on the ground.

There is no guarantee that there will be enough pieces to claim the reward.

“The more people who are warned, the more people will be under surveillance, and the better chance of recovery.” Pitt said Wednesday. However, there is no guarantee that there will be enough pieces to claim the reward.

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Maine Meteorite Museum
The more people are aware, the more people are on the lookout, and the more likely they are to recover.

NASA said on its website “Meteorite masses calculated from radar trajectories range from 1.59 g to 322 g.Although great masses have fallen.”

The museum is offering $25,000 for the meteorite pieces

The The Maine Museum of Minerals and Gems is looking to expand its collection of lunar and Martian rocks.Pitt explained, so the first meteorite hunters to deliver a 1kg sample could win a $25,000 prize.

“A fireball was burning in the sky during the day! Most observed flares are usually seen at night, and their light varies easily with the night sky. This fireball seen during the day is incredibly rare. Imagine how bright it would have been at night,” the Maine Gem and Mineral Museum said in a statement on its official social media.

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