April 24, 2024

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8,500 euros per family and bills settlement

8,500 euros per family and bills settlement

Energy Income: Now it’s already gone and you can liquidate your bills forever.

Real energy and gas bills The scorpion for the Italians.

ANSA / The Extremes of Percuse

Especially if it is In fact, gas is being cut off to Russia Energy bills can already rise to excellent levels and there are those who talk about the risks black out.

The energy income has finally started

So the energy cost is a real sting for Italians but finally the energy income that can be accessed Excellent idea to reset your energy bill permanently.


Energy income has been talked about for some time but finally this help is tangible for Italians. This is an excellent idea supported above all by the 5-star movement But then she found valid support in the various political forces that support the government. Energy income is help to Installing solar panels in Italian homes. Basically it is the installation of solar panels without costs So that this installation does not cost the citizen anything but gives him an advantage Not indifferent to zero bills. Or at least to reduce it a lot.

Areas are starting to make it tangible

Energy income is a really good help but to this day Times have been going a bit slow in terms of implementing this measure. But now the regions are finally starting to give concrete implementation Energy income, therefore, this procedure will be able to start for the Italians. The first area that moved in this direction It is the region of Puglia. Therefore, the Puglia region has made the energy income really efficient and has shown how it will work.

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Here’s how to ask

On the official website there All specifications for energy income demand in the Puglia region Thus in this region it will be possible to obtain panels at no cost. but also in Veneto region Energy input is being discussed and could soon start in this second area as well. We in Puglia already know how much families can get. Actually to install solar panels Each family can receive a maximum of 8,500 euros. The hope is that other regions will move with equal speed to ensure the same assistance to their citizens. To benefit from energy income in Puglia, the family must be within the ISEE limits of €20,000.