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6 months free and then 1 euro per month

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It turns out that April of this year will be very hot for Telepass. On the fifth of April, the company owns Season ticket price increase announcedNow Telepass’ monopoly is ready to fall: UnipolMove announced.

Subscription Telepass family will increase by 45% In one fell swoop, it begins on the 1st of next July. It was from 1997 that the subscription cost has not changed, customers can in any case Withdraw from contracts for free by June 30. Users who will be able to switch over to the competition: with perfect timing, UnipolSai decided to launch a counter Telepass service.

The insurance company’s device is called Unipol Move It can be used to pay for highways (which go through the same Telepass kiosks), fines, blue parking, ZTLs, car tax and even refueling. Do you want to know what kind of offer the device hits the market, at such a sensitive moment for Telepass? 6-month free trial (0 Euro service fee) Then 1 Euro per month, for a total of 12 Euros per year, about half the cost of Telepass Family as of next July.

You can buy it online at UnipolSai الرسمي official website Managed through the app, you will also be able to enjoy discounts on products and services of UnipolSai partner companies. The contract will not have any restrictions either, and can be closed at any time. Another device too It will cost only 0.50 euros per month. Now Telepass has to really worry…

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