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500 GB of lifetime cloud space offered

500 GB of lifetime cloud space offered

spaces cloud storage It’s convenient to keep all our files, but we often find ourselves having to deal with expensive subscriptions or additional expenses. However, there are alternatives: one of them pCloudthe provider that makes it available Lifetime Plans Reasonably priced. This means that once you buy, the space will be yours forever. Thanks to the current offerplan 500 GB “Premium” DISCOUNTED ONLY 175 EUR Instead of 500. Intended payment lump sum.

pCloud: Security and functionality

PCloud offers a complete and secure service. Every uploaded file is actually protected by TLS / SSL Protocol With 256-bit AES encryption. In addition, the provider will make five copies of the files on different servers. Among the most important features we find automatic synchronization Through multiple devices, as well as automatic camera roll upload (in the case of a mobile device). PCloud Drive also behaves like a virtual hard drive: by uploading files, it does not occupy the memory of the local machine and always keeps the space free.

Any data uploaded can be shared by link, which can be ‘recognised’ with a personal photo, title and description. You can also invite users to shared folders and get detailed statistics for each shared link. You’ll have complete control over each individual file: restore data or older versions (up to 30 days), upload remotely by pasting a URL or to support From other cloud services, such as Dropbox, Goodle Drive, and OneDrive. Finally, pCloud is equipped with a file Embedded video player It allows you to stream videos and listen to music without having to download files to your device.

PCloud is ideal for both files work This is for her studyThanks to all the advantages and features included in the price. on this link You can access the special promotion: Premium plan from 500 GB is offered at 65% offequals 175 euros instead of 500. We remind you that the payment is lump sum Once purchased, The space will be yours – forever.

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