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4 tips to stay calm wherever you want

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Portable air conditioners are increasingly present in all homes. Unlike stationary air conditioners, they can be moved practically anywhere: a huge advantage that makes them increasingly popular, especially in the summer months, when the heat becomes very unbearable.


It is useless to turn around, Few people will accept the summer heat without the support of air conditioners. Without them it would be impossible, or very difficult, to get new home environments, especially if you live in apartments or small homes.

These devices, which have undergone slight changes over the years, In short, a must-have for all those people who can’t stand the sweltering heat of the summer months.

But what if I told you that there are gods Wireless portable air conditioners, i.e. can be moved anywhere and able to spread fresh air wherever you are? It is indeed a revolutionary product, which is achieving more and more success especially in those places where It is objectively impossible to install a stationary air conditionersuch as apartments or houses for rent.

Portable Wireless Air Conditioner: 4 Tips, Information and Features

Portable Wireless Air Conditioner: Some Information

Portable Wireless Air Conditioner: 4 Tips, Information and Features

Before starting with the characteristics of the wireless air conditioner, it is good to briefly describe it, Keeping in mind that we are talking about the products being developed.

The portable wireless air conditioner is designed to turn hot air into pure and unlike standard air conditioners, so to speak, It does not consist of two parts, but of one. In this internal mechanisms They let out the hot air first Meanwhile, store the warm air, Management to lower the ambient temperature.

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Sharp drop in environmental temperature It is obtained by a simple arithmetic operationsuch as the ratio between the size of the room and the power of the air conditioner.

This ratio, which as we shall see, will be essential to obtaining good refreshment, is calculated by British Thermal Unit (British Termal Unit), A unit of measurement that includes exactly the capacity of the air conditioner.

1. Know the size of the room to be renovated

Portable Wireless Air Conditioner: 4 Tips, Information and Features

Obviously the air conditioner It works according to the volume of the environment and the air movement that occurs in the latter.

That is, the air conditioner is considered so only if it manages to lower the temperature of the place where it is entered: if we are talking about a large room, then we are thinking of the living room, A portable air conditioner will only be useful if it is accompanied by a similar air conditioner; Whereas if the place where the air conditioner works is small, then there will be only one device left.

We were talking about ventilation because it makes sense to have a portable air conditioner It will not be very effective if the room is well ventilated: This way it doesn’t work at its best because the air is very uneven.

2. Consumption assessment

Portable Wireless Air Conditioner: 4 Tips, Information and Features

For good use of air conditioning We need to think about some pointswhich will prove essential in maintaining good energy levels and efficiency.

Recommendations in this regard are: Use the product only when there are weather conditions necessary (unbearable high temperatures and humidity); Use outdoor blinds In order to facilitate the cooling of premises; Finally Close the tube passage, if present, to the outside.

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3. Learn about the different types

Portable Wireless Air Conditioner: 4 Tips, Information and Features

As many will know air conditioners Laptops on the market They are of different types and more differentiated due to the lack or addition of some components. We list the main portable air conditioners:

  • Monoblock portable air conditioner with single tube It is the most popular because it is the easiest to use. As the name indicates, the term monobloc refers to an air conditioning system based on a single enclosure.
  • The conditioning portable with split It is similar to a monoblock with the difference that there is not only one container, but two. Inside there is the ventilation group, while outside there is a compression group.
  • air conditioner Portable without drain It is smaller in terms of dimensions, but in terms of cooling capacity it has nothing to envy in relation to the two above-mentioned air conditioners. Unlike monoblock air conditioners, air conditioners without exhaust do not make any noise.

As you can easily see, portable air conditioners are very diverse, but in the end They share the ability to move them anywherethere is no small component.

4. Choose it by size

Portable Wireless Air Conditioner: 4 Tips, Information and Features

One of the last air conditioners we mentioned is one without exhaust It is widely used because it is light and therefore portable.

This is the third parameter to consider: light air conditioner It can be carried anywhere and it is not bulky at allRather, it will be considered as any property; Moreover, the protagonist can be in every corner of the house, Without the need to move pipes or other bulky items.

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Gallery of ideas and pictures of portable air conditioners

In the article we talked about this exceptional product that, at the warmest moments of the year, gives us a great hand to breathe fresh air. Below we summarize our conversation with a series of indicative pictures.

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