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3500 EUR immediately in your account and you don’t even have to buy the new one

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There are really innovative bonuses at the front of the car and the most interesting one for sure is the bonus that puts 3,500 euros in the pockets of motorists without having to buy a new car.

First of all, the reward of 7,500 euros for the purchase of the electric car is still certain.


This bonus is very rich because it saves 7500 motorists to buy a new car, However, it does cover the purchase of an electric car.

New Car Rewards

So for families who have a harder time economically, this is definitely an insignificant bonus.


In fact, today very few families really want to buy a new car And above all an electric car, so the bonus that helps them do it is not really very useful. Instead, the state aid that tangibly satisfies drivers much more It’s exactly 20% off the car tax. This discount can be requested for all motorists simply by paying the car tax with localization in the bank or postal current account.

Strong savings for motorists

In fact, paying the car tax in this way will have the double advantage of not risking forgetting to pay this tax. But also to get 20% off. But the very special bonus that it helps motorists with 3,500 euros without forcing them to buy a new car is the so-called retrofit bonus. The retrofit bonus allows you to get 3,500 euros, Just to do a retrofit. Retrofit is nothing but a file Replacing the old car engine with a modern electric motor. Those who replace the old motor with an electric motor will receive a tax deduction of up to a maximum of 3,500 euros. In this way, your old car will become a modern electric car, but without the need to bear the cost of the new car Above all, by exploiting large state aid.

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Discount and stamp exemption

These bonuses are certainly very important, but the most powerful tangible help for those who want to buy a car is there exorbitant tax deduction that belong to a certain class of Italians. In fact, a certain class of Italians can buy the car at a strong state discount Even if it is a used car They can even get a full exemption from stamp duty. This powerful help is specifically for 104 law holders. Even if the retrofit bonus It is open to all, the most powerful assistance in the front of the car is reserved for persons protected by Law 104.

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