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10 exciting mistakes in the most loved movies

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The history of cinema is replete with unforgettable pages: even within these pages it is possible to find some errors that cannot be ignored, although they certainly do not ruin the experience. Even some of the most beloved films of all time cannot be considered pure: let’s think, for example, on the Lord of the Rings Or Forest Jump.

In the first movie of Peter Jackson’s trilogy, we find, for example, the obvious sign of Car dust In the distance, he’s clearly slipped the post-production checks: the scene in which Sam realizes he was never far from home (by the way: there’s also Sean Astin in the hilarious video he celebrates 20 years of The Lord of the Rings).

condition Forrest Gump Probably more famous, as the character of Tom Hanks purchased shares of Apple in 1975, while the company was only introduced by Steve Jobs in 1980; The gas plant on one of the gladiators is also decidedly obsolete, during the sequence of the Battle of Carthage.

Not just anachronisms: At the release of American Sniper, for example, many couldn’t help but notice how unrealistic it was. Newborn baby holding in her arms by Bradley Cooper; Also notorious are the bullet holes in the wall that can be clearly seen in Pulp Fiction before Samuel L. Jackson can fire Jules.

Let’s turn to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, with that window apparently fixing itself during the famous scene of the first kiss between Peter Parker and Mary Jane; What can I say instead of the oil that Dorothy the Tin Man glistens with wizard of ozForgetting that tin does not rust! Although removed in later home video releases, moreover, the mirror separating the good Harrison Ford from the dangerous cobra, in Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark, is also famous.

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Speaking of animals, when it comes to Ace Ventura: Mission Africa, it’s impossible not to notice The chessboard disappeared During one of the movie’s highlight sequences (Jim Carrey had moved a piece of it literally seconds before!); Finally, we conclude with one of the most famous cases: the Stormtrooper hitting his head against one of the inner walls of the Death Star during Star Wars: A New Hope.

Were you aware of all these errors? Can you think of others? Let us know in the comments! However, one thing is for sure: none of these omissions cost the movies involved Unconditional love for Fan.

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