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You stop, pay attention to the details: they fine everyone. If this happens to you, you will eat your hands

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Self Parking – OK – (Motorzoom)

Being able to find a place to park our cars in the city is increasingly rare: avoiding getting fines, almost as much. And it’s not just about the blue lines. that by saying?

There are details regarding Parking, Perhaps a lot, when they drive a car, they tend to underestimate: the little details that make a difference, in terms of Penalties.

when we are faced with the need to to the garden Our car, we usually have two alternatives: the blue stripes and White lines. Of course, anyone always prefers eggs.

The reason is clear: it is Why You don’t pay tickets. Whoever enters the device in a space marked in blue, on the other hand, has to pay Payment voucher: Otherwise, the proportional fine is triggered.

However, there is also another case in which we can be fined and that is if we do not do so really watch out, It can really push us, as they say in these cases, to “get out of control.” Will be?

White parking spaces: How much fine do you risk?

Pointing only to Strips With which the parking lot is located, but in this case we are not talking about blue ones, but about those white. There are obligations and rules to be followed in this regard.

Parking - OK - (MotorZoom)
Parking – OK – (MotorZoom)

As everyone knows, the Free white lines It is given to anyone, no matter what kind of car you drive: first come, first served, as they say, right? But with the rules, of course.

Civic sense and responsibility imposes on citizen that garden In white lines so as not to cause any harm to other threads, nor should they be of impediment Not respecting spaces.

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It happens to see, unfortunately very often, for sure motorists Who stops the car without paying attention to the space, the lines drawn, the amount of margin, and therefore without it respect the rules.

Paid and unpaid parking: when to risk it?

For example, there are those who park their cars at the crossing: or, even worse, those who drive one car Occupy two places, where you can actually enter another car. It’s a big mistake.

Parking – (motorzoom)

In this sense, the law punishes this action with: fine which starts from 41 euros. It is one of the rare cases where parking in a white lot leads to a result in terms of fine.

For the rest it is known that in the blue lines the ticket must always be paid: depending on the time period, or the amount entered in the special machines, to cut He will say so that the car will be allowed to remain in the parking lot without risking the Notorious fine.

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