December 8, 2023

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Waqari News – “Mother and Baby Animals”

Waqari News – “Mother and Baby Animals”

This is the title of a series devoted to Canada’s sea otter and red-necked grebe; Meredith McKinlay and Carolyn Brown worked on it

In the series “Mothers and Cubs”, issued by Canada on April 18, two permanently valid stamps (now 0.92 local dollars) are dedicated to the sea otter and the red-necked grebe, which serve as floating shelters for their respective offspring. Native to the North American country and known for their incredible devotion to their young, they allow their offspring to float as soon as they are born.

The mammal gives birth to only one cub per year. Alone to care for the young, the mother floats on her back to feed, groom and carry them for the first six months of life. Once hunted for its luxurious fur, the species has gradually made a comeback since its reintroduction. Now it continues to face many threats such as oil spills and fishing gear.

As for the bird, it incubates the eggs and carries the chicks, which climb onto its back immediately after hatching. Ten to seventeen days later, they can swim, although not completely independently, until seven to nine weeks when they begin to fly. Almost everywhere present, winters on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. It is also vulnerable to hazards such as oil spills, but human activities are causing loss of its freshwater nesting habitat.

Bonds are also specified for specific optical effects. Meredith McKinlay, the designer of the egg design, chose embroidery as a base because the technique exudes warmth and family love, as well as captures the texture of fur and feathers well. Artist Carolyn Brown combined embellishments and beads to create a piece. The sections are available in booklets of three series or as a pamphlet of one.

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A pair of stamps