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This is Xiaomi 12: here it is in the first official video

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Set aside doubts about the presence or absence of Ultra Model, one thing is for sure: Xiaomi 12 It’s coming and we can now get to know it better. After the first launch Moto Edge X30, the top of the Xiaomi range of the next generation will be the first exponent with Snapdragon 8 first generation Widely. Given that it will be one of the first flagships to reach the world market, including Italy, there is a certain curiosity about what news it will bring with it. After an extensive discussion about the alleged technical specifications, we can now figure out how to do it physically.

Update 12/26: After presentation and images, we have the first live images of the Xiaomi 12. Find all the details at the end of the article.

Here is Xiaomi 12: a well-known insider reveals the 360-degree smartphone to us

Xiaomi 12

Thanks to OnLeaks’ usual work from the inside, we now have a file Make it unofficial Which reveals the exterior of the Xiaomi 12. Although they are certainly not official images, Steve Hemmerstoffer has repeatedly shown that he always gets it right. So we are not faced with the usual perceptions of questionable taste that circulate on Asian social networks, but with images that 99.99% show us how the new flagship device from Xiaomi will be made.

Here, then, Xiaomi 12 reveals another design change compared to the last generation. When compared to Xiaomi 11, the interface looks almost unchanged, so with one curved screen And a sensor identifier below, but equipped with a selfie camera central hole It is no longer with the hatch on the left. There are also rumors that the Quad HD+ screen should be abandoned in favor of a more compact and modest (and also less power-hungry) screen. 6,2 Full HD +. Measurements speak of a smartphone with dimensions of 152.7 x 70 x 8.6 mm (11.5 on the camera) and 5,000 mAh.

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The real change can be seen in the back, where the change is not a little imaging unit. There is no longer the round square unit of the Xiaomi 11, but a kind of revival of the unit seen on the Xiaomi 10T. This means that there is a more rectangular part, somewhat protruding and inside Three cameras Dual LED flash.

Here is Xiaomi 12 in the “unofficial” press presentations | Update 12/24

After seeing some renders made to order, which gave us an initial overview of the design, it’s time to get to know the Xiaomi 12 more closely. Well-known insider Evleaks has posted the first “unofficial” photos, i.e. press photos depicting the final and official design of the top of the range.

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