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“The less you drink, the better.” A new ‘crisis’ on alcohol is coming from Canada

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Alcohol harms our body, especially the digestive system, heart and brain, but not only. The World Health Organization has identified at least 200 alcohol-related diseases, while the IARC (International Agency for Cancer) classifies it as a Class 1 carcinogen (‘certain carcinogens to humans’). A trench ruling that once again underlines that there is no ‘safe’ consumption limit, and therefore ‘zero’ risk of harm from alcohol, even with regard to the appearance of tumors (at least those associated with alcohol) seven: mouth, esophagus, pharynx, larynx, liver, colon, rectum and sinus) can only be achieved through complete abstinence. In fact, the latest scientific evidence proves that alcohol, in any amount, is always bad for you. And this applies to any type of drink, from beer to spirits, because the risk of cancer is directly related to alcohol. Once people are properly informed about the nature of the risks involved in this voluntary practice, everyone can decide how to manage their health. But in the meantime many countries’ guidelines are being reviewed in a more restrictive sense, depending on what levels of alcohol consumption are considered low-risk. As is the case with the latest edition of the Canadian Edition on the topic (Guidance on Alcohol and Health), its message can be summed up in the slogan ‘the less you drink, the better’. Giving up alcohol – Canadian experts remind us – has a series of benefits; Improves health and sleep quality globally and is the only viable option during pregnancy and breastfeeding; Adolescents and young adults should also stay away from alcohol as much as possible.

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Have 1-2 drinks a week (a drink or ‘quality drink’ contains around 10-12g of pure alcohol in 280-330ml of 5° beer, 150-180ml of champagne, 30-40ml of whiskey or others. Above 40° alcohol, 60-80 ml of alcohol and 100-120 ml of red wine) have minimal effects on health; But already 3-6 drinks per week increase the risk of cancer; The risk of stroke increases from seven drinks upwards and each additional glass increases the risk of ‘severe’ health effects. Drinking more than two drinks at a time – Canadians recall – increases the risk of violent episodes (for oneself and others) and damage associated with accidents. In short, we should try to drink less. It is good for us and those around us. It reduces the risk of accidents, violence and many diseases that can shorten life and undoubtedly helps to worsen its quality. “Each drink counts less – say the authors of the guidelines – because any reduction in alcohol consumption has its benefits”. But how to do that? Respect the prescribed limits, drink slowly, drink plenty of water, always choose low-alcohol drinks in any case, eat before and after drinking alcohol, and impose ‘no alcohol’ weeks.

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