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The Last of Us 2 is the best-selling game on PS Store of Black Friday 2021, despite being on PS Now –

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Black Friday 2021 is about to end and with it the various chains and platforms discounts. Discounts have also been made on PlayStation, now through PS . Store We can see that The last of us 2 This was the game Best seller From this period, although also available on PS Now.

Information can be obtained directly from the PS Store, through the section dedicated to Black Friday discounts 2021. As you can see, by arranging the games by category “Bestsellers”, in first place The Last of Us 2 appears, followed by the inevitable GTA 5, Mafia The Definitive Edition, Jump Force and Rocket League. We obviously don’t know the sales volume, but it’s definitely an excellent result.

PS Store: The Last of Us 2 is first in the “ranking” among the best sellers

Also searches the full list PS Store GamesAnd, again via console, we’re selling that the only titles outperforming The Last of Us 2 – at the moment – are those on PS Plus. And that’s a huge success because the game has been available for a year and a half, and because – how it was said – it’s also available on PS Now. With a smaller investment, it is possible to run the Naughty Dog business and many others for a month: we do not know how many subscribers have received PS Now during this period, so it is impossible to understand which of the “access modes” are preferred. the user.

We remind you that The Last of Us 2 is – for now – still available on Amazon at a great price.

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