Home Economy The government again extends production fee cuts

The government again extends production fee cuts

The government again extends production fee cuts

The reduction in tariffs is the measure that has been taken for months, and has been extended several times, to keep pace with the continuous increase in pump fuel prices, which has continued since the beginning of this year. The government adopted this measure and today decided to extend it again because the situation has not improved.

So, if the last adjournment is on October 5th, The Executive decided to postpone the reduction in the cost of fuel by about 30 cents Until October 17thAnd then we’ll see how it turns out. The Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco, and the Minister of Environmental Transformation, Roberto Cingolani, signed the joint ministerial decree. In the text that has just been approved, the new extension has been created, announced by the two ministries with a specific joint memorandum issued in the past few hours.

Continuing extensions since April

We know that since the beginning of the year, the situation with pump prices in Italy was putting pressure on the country’s families, and then everything got worse with the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine and the increase in the cost of utility bills. Electricity and gas. Since March, gasoline prices have risen significantly, At levels never seen before. Refueling for Italians has become a real drain, especially for those who are used to using the car every day, mainly for work and other personal needs.

This was what prompted the government to provide a measure that would help the citizens, Reduction in production fees, which actually reduced petrol and diesel prices by about 25%, to which a value-added tax of 22% must be added, to get a discount of nearly 30 cents on every liter of fuel. Since April they started first extensions to the judgment of the executive branch, and then continues on May 2, July 8, August 2, 21, September 20, October 5 and today until October 17. But consumer associations criticized from the beginning the actions of the government, which, as we have seen for months, are not enough.

Falling fuel prices

Today, it appears that gasoline and diesel prices in Italy are back on the decline, fortunately, after two sessions of rising. Plus, a new fuel bonus has been approved, and we’ve seen it in the past few hours. Brent crude is down, just under $93, and so is the fuel at the pump. According to the regular survey by Staffetta Quotidiana, this morning (September 14, 2022) Eni lowered its recommended petrol and diesel prices by two cents per liter.

Let’s see what they are Average prices charged The managers sent it to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and processed it by the relay, which was revealed at 8 am yesterday (Wednesday 13th September) on about 15,000 stations:

  • self-service gasoline at a price of 1717 euros / liter;
  • self-service diesel at 1825 euros / liter;
  • gasoline, which is offered at a price of 1862 euros / liter;
  • Diesel mode is offered at a price of 1968 € / liter;
  • Offer LPG at 0.796€/L;
  • Methane is offered at 3.089€/kg;
  • LNG 3241 euros / kg.

What are they instead Average prices charged on Italian motorways:

  • self-service gasoline 1825 euros / liter;
  • Gasoline, which was presented at a price of 2.084 euros / liter;
  • self-service diesel at 1926 euros / liter;
  • Diesel is offered at a price of 2181 / l;
  • LPG at a price of 0.895 euros / liter;
  • methane at €3.893 / kg;
  • Liquefied gas 3,447 euros / kg.


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