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Temperature -30°, trend

Temperature -30°, trend

Weather warning in the United States A flurry of snow and ice will arrive over the next few days. North America and Canada, except for the West Coast, are gearing up to experience the coldest part of this winter. January 26 to 28 will be the turn of North Eastern states. Snow falls on plains, especially around lakes. Temperatures will drop to -9 / -10 degrees Celsius. The coldest period is from January 29 to February 2.

US weather warning: Ice wave from Canada

A cold wave from Canada will move towards the US from January 29 to February 2. Cold air reaches low latitudes with temperatures as low as -25° at 1500m. Affects North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin Then continues towards Illinois. Generally, the cold affects the southern regions differently.

Snow is also expected in New York

In terms of snowfall, the western states will be affected first, followed by the eastern states. Snow may also fall later New York. Between February 2 and 4, many temperatures can reach values ​​as low as -10°C. These are the expected temperatures in other major cities: Winnipeg (Canada) -27°C, Bismarck -25°C, Denver -23°C, Ottawa (Canada) -22°C, Chicago and Detroit -17°C, Toronto (Canada) – 13°C.

US weather: Snow possible in Los Angeles after 74 years

The cold won’t leave California. The city of Los Angeles is buzzing with a visit Possible snow showers. Forecasts for next week and precisely that morning On Tuesday, January 31, a snowstorm hit the California city. A cold wave from central Canada may move along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, affecting not only California but also northeastern Mexico in the first days of February.

there Snow in Los Angeles It is more unique than a rare occurrence. Despite the mountain orography California, which is used for snow in the mountains and inland areas, snow rarely reaches the coast, especially in the south. Only three snowfalls in the last 150 years have particularly affected the city Los Angeles: that January 12, 1882that January 15, 1932 And finally that January 9, 1949. In fact, 74 years have passed since the last snowfall.


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