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The government once again stepped in with the expensive bills, this time through a bis aid decree. The decree reaffirmed old concepts and introduced new ones with the aim of reducing the cost of paying bills for companies and families. Let’s see what the news is about him.

The government’s solidarity action towards Italian families continues with regard to billing price. Given the current energy crisis, Duplicate assistance decree Very important changes have been made to reduce the billing burden. Among the measures already in place, which have been extended, we find the reductions in gas and electricity system fees and the reduction of value-added tax on methane consumption.

Billing: Greater protection for fragile consumers

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One of the developments in the bis aid decree related to Customized economic protection for so-called vulnerable customers. By vulnerable we mean those with economic or physical hardship, the disabled, those with facilities on small islands or in emergency homes after a disaster, and those over the age of 75.

For these categories I Billing costs will be determined by Arrerawhich will also undertake to establish equivalent procedures to cover all service-providing companies.

Bills: stop unilateral changes to contracts

billing account

The most important news, of course, is the one about it Ceasing the possibility of supply companies unilaterally modifying the general terms of existing contracts. This possibility already exists, but it has been extended until April 30, 2023. This possibility is also recognized for those who have the full right to withdraw from the contract.

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The reactions sparked by the introduction of this standard have been strong, with some gas supplier companies fearing The risk of default for the company.

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