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Sylvia Posey of the Servo Brain Research Center, Canada, won the Masters Award

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Sylvia Posey, PhD of the Servo Brain Research Center, one of Canada’s leading neuroscience and psychiatric centers, won the 13th Paulo Gondizo Award 2021: the association conSLAncio Onlus of Terracina (LT) announces this with a note founded by Andrea Cicciri. And a member of the International Coalition of ALS / MND Associations, he congratulates his volunteer and scientific advisor.
The Paulo Gontijo Award, also known as the PG Award, has been presenting awards to young researchers around the world since 2007 for their research into the causes and treatments of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). During the lifetime of Paulo Gondijo, he was considered to have left the tradition of promoting science through research and the creation of the Paulo Gondijo Institute.
Applications for the award are highly evaluated by the Palo Gondizo Institute (IPG) Arbitration Board, consisting of five researchers recognized by the International Scientific and Medical Association: Drs. Mamata de Carvalho, chairman of the arbitral tribunal, prof. Orla Hardiman, Dr. Dr. Brian Tiki. Walter Bradley and Dr. Francisco Rotta.
The MND Association presented the award at the opening ceremony of the 32nd International Symposium on ALS / Virtual MND 2021, December 7-10, in the presence of researchers and health professionals dedicated to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Dr. Posey presented his work to the current scientific community; In recognition he received a gold medal and a $ 10,000 science grant.
Dr. Posey was originally from Milan, where he graduated with a degree in biotechnology from the University of Pico in Milan. Later, he received his PhD in 2012 from the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research at the Open University of London (UK). In 2013, he traveled to Canada for a postgraduate research program that helped him develop and classify antibodies. The main protein of ALS, against the DTP-43 molecule. This antibody can bind to TDP-43 by eliminating some of the factors that contribute to the progression of ALS. Dr. The invention was patented in 2016 by Posey and his mentor, Professor Jean-Pierre Julian. From 2018, Dr. He has worked as a researcher at the CERVO Brain Research Center in Quebec, Canada, and is a professor at Laval University. , Quebec, Canada. Among his many activities, Dr. Pozzi has been a volunteer and science consultant at conSLAncio since 2020. In addition, she manages the Soapbox Science- Quèbec City event and is the co-director of the local Quebec City Branch for Immigrants and International Women. .
Dr. Posey’s manuscript, ‘Monoclonal full-length antibody against DAR DNA binding protein, reduces proteinopathy associated with 43 neurons’, distinguished itself by winning the Gondijo Prize. It was published in the revised Journal of Clinical Investigation Insight. 2020 November 5; 5 (21): e140420. doi: 10.1172 / jci.insight.140420.
“Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – POSI explains – is a devastating neurotransmitter disease that is still incurable. And the therapeutic efficacy of the drug, which was tested under normal conditions. We injected the antibody into mice with the DDP-43 mutation present in the patients, and demonstrated that the antibody could reduce the level of this protein by activating the degenerative pathways within the cell. பித்தோம். Through this work we have demonstrated the efficacy and therapeutic potential of the monoclonal antibody against TDP-43 for the treatment of ALS.
I am so proud of this award and thank you to the Paulo Gondizo Institute and the jury for rewarding me and my research. I sincerely thank all the guides from Professor Julian in Canada to Drs Bonetto and Bendotti in Italy for encouraging me to always do what I can during these years. Special thanks to patients, families and associations who support basic research and believe in true science.
“Congratulations, Dr. Posey, we appreciate your commitment to helping the ALS community – the ConSLAncio Onlus – Comments Association of All Association.”

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