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Steam: Sludge Life is a Free Sludge Simulator published by Devolver Digital

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Devolver Digital decided to compromise Sludge life, a vandalism simulator created by Terri Vellmann and the developers of Doseone, to celebrate the announcement of the sequel. The game is Free on Steam until 19:00 from March 30, 2023 or “unavailable”, so we suggest that you take advantage of it as soon as possible. Once redeemed, it will be in your library forever, as if you had purchased it.

If you’re interested, you can download Sludge Life for free on Steam at this is the address. The initiative was launched to celebrate the announcement of Sludge Life 2, which was revealed a few days ago with a release scheduled for the end of 2023 on PC.

Sludge Life is a first-person action adventure in which we take on the role of GHOST, a budding dealer determined to claim the right to be part of the elite graffiti. The game is presented as an irreverent vandalism simulator in which players will be able to unleash their baser instincts (if you’re interested, there’s also a button dedicated to performing loud farts) on an island full of pollution that’s inhabited by a freak. and elusive personalities.

As mentioned earlier, Sludge Life is currently free and given that the system requirements are really within everyone’s reach, we might as well give it a shot while waiting to discover the atrocities that the protagonist will perform in the sequel.

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