Home entertainment Santo D’Aleo in the movie Andò with Ficarra and Picone

Santo D’Aleo in the movie Andò with Ficarra and Picone

Santo D’Aleo in the movie Andò with Ficarra and Picone

There will also be Saccense Santo D’Aleo in Roberto Ando’s latest film “The Odd” starring Tony Cervello, Salvo Ficarra and Valentino Bacon which hits theaters in October.

Set in 1920, the year Luigi Pirandello, during a trip to Sicily, meets Onofrio Principato and Sebastiano Villa, two actors rehearsing for a new show with actors of their amateur plays. The meeting between the brilliant author of “Six Persons in Search of a Writer” and the amateur will bring great surprises.

Filming lasted about eight weeks, and it was filmed in between Rome and Sicily last spring.

behind Tony Servillo As Luigi Pirandello, Except for Vicara And the Valentino Bacon In those of Onofrio Principato and Sebastiano Vella there are also Renato Carpentieri, Donatella Finociaro, Luigi Lo Cascio, Galatea Ranzi And the Fausto Rosso Alesi.

Produced by Attilio De Raza and Angelo Barbagallo for Baby Film, Trump Limited, Medusa Film, Ray Cinema and in collaboration with Prime Video.

The Saccense actor is not new to participating in large productions and with well-known directors in both film and television, in the next few days he will be leaving for a new collaboration. In the past, he has starred in the films of Pasquale Scimeca, Bruce Neibaur, Rocco Mortelliti, Paolo Santangelo and Franco Accursio Gulino.

In the final film to hit theaters in October, D’Aleo plays the brother of a noble lady.

(Pictured on the cover, Santo de Alio is among the comedians of Palermo Ficarra and Bacon in stage attire)


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