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NTV: A space that accompanies our people

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Responsibility, a sense of belonging and a broad commitment define the work he does National TV Bulletin (NTTV) in the first sixty years of its existence. To celebrate the date, his heroes met this Tuesday in a business that turned out to be even more attractive than it was officially, due to the gathering of colleagues who had not seen each other in months due to the pandemic.

The venue chosen was the Jose Martí Memorial in the capital and the event was suitable to entertain professionals who had a worthy job in developing a space that, since its first broadcast on November 2, 1961, has accompanied City of Life and managed to attract nearly five million viewers.

Adrian Fonseca Quesada, Director of Information System at Cuban Television, stressed that “it would be difficult to find a political, economic, cultural or social process in Cuba that was not captured by our cameras and microphones and broadcast by hundreds of professionals who lived for this space and left their mark as part of collective history. .

Therefore, there was no shortage of honors for Eugenio Pantoja Almenares and José Luis Oviedo Ruiz, who were awarded the Order of Raúl Gómez García – the highest honor awarded by the National Union of Culture – and Héctor José Ochoa Carrillo and Nestor Bernardo Santamarina Pérez were honored with the quality of the founders of the television space.

The Small Screen Award was awarded to journalists Irma Caceres and Paula Pena, as well as outstanding reporter, TV presenter and broadcaster Froilan Arencipia. The broadcaster who will always be remembered by Manolo Ortega, received, after his death, the stamp of the 70th anniversary of Cuban television. This recognition was also given to other television professionals.

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Noticiero has been awarded commemorative stamps for the founding of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the Ministry of the Interior and the Cuban Workers’ Center, and the Dignity Award exceptionally bestowed by the Federation of Cuban Journalists, among other awards. from other institutions.

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