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“Master’s degree in childbirth and childbirth in a women’s prison”

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Yesterday morning, Friday 21 April, the project “Master of Parties and Rebirth in the Women’s Prison”, winner of the tender for “Futura, Puglia for Equality”, promoted by the Puglia Regional Council. The submission took place during a meeting attended by the President of the Regional Council, Loredana Capone, and the Director Prison Mara Teresa Sosca, Director of the Bibliotheca Polo in Salento, Luigi De Luca, and Luigi De Luca., Mediterranean Academy of Actor, Director Franco Ungaro, Actresses and Actresses Carmen Ines Tarantino and Benedetta Patti with the Antigone Society. For Edizione Corromone, Giovanni Chiracati intervenes.

The project of an educational nature focuses on the issue of mothers, and in the prison itself it will include some inmates as well as mothers from the educational, administrative and medical sectors and prison police, who will be called upon to use the language of theater and video, in order to investigate, collect and recreate, inside and outside the prison, emotional, visual and narrative fragments. Moreover, each of them will contribute to the creation of an innovative and unedited plot. The aim of the project is to shed light on the condition of isolated mothers, through a research activity and a theatrical laboratory, which will lead to the creation of a collection of stories and testimonies to be combined into an audiovisual artwork, created by Mattia Epifani of. Muud movie, and by the aforementioned Tarantino and Patty.

“So the 8th of March is not just a series of speaking conferences – as President Capone said – that is why the Futura Call was born, and because we wanted to support all those beautiful cultural and social realities, with projects that are unusual and useful, and that, however, do not provide for ticketing and therefore risk closure In a drawer. The response was nothing short of incredible and all but assured, the beautiful looking and going to the bottom, making dialogue and confrontation its measure and richness. MA’ is definitely one of them. Mother and prison are definitely an oxymoron and for that reason I really appreciate the commitment of so many “From associations so that mothers with young children can exclude alternative measures to imprisonment. On the other hand, the law says so. Maybe we need more courage and more structures.”

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“Master” – Births and Births in the Women’s Prison “, is divided into several phases: group research, documentation and comparison with the partnership network; laboratory meetings with inmates and the pedagogical and administrative staff; creation of an artistic residence at the Polo Biblio-Museale, with the aim of selecting materials, writing a script and producing audio-art content Visual Finally, the presentation to the public of a video installation at the three sites of the Polo Biblio-Museale, the Lecce prison and the Kurumuny headquarters in Martignano.

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