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Italians are betting on something else

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The market for electric cars does not seem to be able to take off in Italy, now let’s try to understand the reasons. Meanwhile, trouble arises.

Electric vehicle technology is what major auto manufacturers have invested in. Indeed, in a few years it will not be possible to produce cars with internal combustion engines, at least in Europe. In fact, it was decided for a few weeks That from 2035 onwards it will only be possible to build cars that take advantage of new technologies, without relying on a petrol or diesel engine.

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A small exception has been made for supercars, which will be able to continue to produce cars with an internal combustion engine until 2040, but few changes. The forces of the planet have already decided that the electric car will be the main means of transportation in the coming years, But this thing doesn’t look sexy at all customers.

An electric car, that’s why citizens don’t like it

Some large car groups, such as Stellantis, have already invested everything in the electric car, claiming all brands which is part of it abandon the internal combustion engine since 2027. Houses like Fiat And the Alfa Romeo They’re trying to adapt as quickly as possible, and the Biscione’s next SUV will be all-electric, as well as the Panda that the Turin house will bring to market early next year.

What appeared from his research?Vendomestic Observatory, where a survey of Italians was conducted on the electricity use of everyday cars. From the research, it appears that four out of ten Italians see electricity as not, for the time being, true solutions against pollution.

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Indeed, according to statistics, Italian citizens believe that they will become quite friendly when the batteries are produced and put into operation. with renewable energies. There is still another insignificant issue of getting rid of it on the battery front. Also among the serious problems is the cost of the same once they reach the end of their life, given the insane costs expected to replace them. In some models it reaches ten thousand euros.

For one in four Italians, another problem persists with where the electric vehicle is recharged. In fact, there is still a lot of work to be done in Italy in terms of infrastructures related to new technologies, which certainly does not help citizens in choosing this great novelty.

Commenting on the survey came from Claudio BardaziHead of the Observatory Fendomestic Who took care of all this:The car market, especially nowadays, is affected by many different factors that affect the propensity to buy from citizens, especially those who want to buy a car“.

The biggest problem, among the many problems we are facing in this period, is the delay in the delivery of newly registered vehicles and that motorists are eagerly waiting after purchase and ordering. Since we were able to learn from our in-depth analysis, it is estimated that 43% of buyers would consider purchasing other models, say used, rather than waiting at least six months for a new car. 13% chose second-hand, while 17% decided to cancel or postpone the purchase for better times. Currently, only 27% of people surveyed will be available to buy a car“.

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Even the alarm raised it some time ago Akio Toyodapresident Toyotathe first car manufacturer to invest in the hybrid car, but didn’t give much credit for electricity: “If the entire parking lot in Japan were made up of electric cars, the country’s power grid would collapse, we would face massive blackouts at unprecedented rates.“.

I wonder one thing: Do all the politicians who talk about killing the gasoline-powered car in favor of electricity have any idea of ​​the consequences of such choices? The mass production of electric cars is causing a massive increase in carbon dioxide, and if a law banning the internal combustion engine was passed in Japan, we would put our entire system in great difficulty. economic“.

president Toyota Then he spoke of a real alarm in the event that the electric vehicle should become the only means of transportation, as well as with regard to workplaces: “Millions of jobs will be lost, and we are certainly not ready for a transition of this kind and no one will ever be. We take great risks with these ideas of electricity, and we can’t make claims of absolute power“.

Certainly, this is not a very comfortable situation for new technologies, which are already struggling to get started. The global crisis, wars and an epidemic make everything more complicated, delays in deliveries and the car market, which has been practically in the red for more than a year, takes care of the rest. At the moment, it seems that electricity is far from the will and mentality of Italians, who prefer to take full advantage of the internal combustion engine and more traditional technologies. We’ll see if things will change in the future.

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