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He played against Platini in the World Cup and now he’s homeless

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Paul John James played for Canada in the Olympics and World Cup and coached the national team, but his life and career fell apart after an addiction to cocaine.

Paul John James today and in the 1986 World Cup

From a global audience In Mexico 1986 he marked Michael Platini For nights spent A cardboard bed Near Westminster Cathedral or Charing Cross in London. Story by Paul John James A story of a slow but inexorable descent into hell. The former Welsh midfielder was inducted into the ‘Canada Soccer Hall of Fame’ for representing the national team. Canucks In the 1984 Olympics and then in the 1986 World Cup. Four games at the 1984 Los Angeles Games and three games all at the 1986 Mexican World Cup in losses against France, Hungary and the Soviet Union. Forty-eight times on the field with the red jersey Between 1983-1993, during the national team’s golden era with the maple leaf logo. He also coached Canada’s national under-20 team and the Bahamas. But it’s only been six years Paul, a homeless boy with long hair, is a drug addict Returned from Canada to England. The former midfielder and coach has been out of work for thirteen years.

“Ruined by the ‘Junky’ Label”

James’ career and life were ruined by her Get addicted to cocaine and then explode. In February 2012, the former player went public with his drug problem and accused his old club, the York Lions (York University’s soccer team in Toronto, Ontario), of failing to help him. Compulsory resignation after six years of employment (2004 to 2009). “I don’t think you should call someone ‘toxic,’ ‘addict,’ or ‘drug addict.’ How do you recover from being labeled a homeless crack addict? You can’t do it because you haven’t done it,” said the former footballer.

“Going to Mexico was a challenge because we weren’t very good at it.”

Today The former soccer player and coach left Canada Because he felt betrayed. He lives in a hostel near Holborn in central London and vows to “rekindle the passion, enthusiasm and positivity of yesteryear”. He still talks about football and told the Daily Mail: “What we’ve got is the World Cup in Mexico. It’s an amazing achievement because we’re not good at it. Three defeats out of three but we did wonders against France, Hungary and the USSR”.

“Now I want to wear my clothes, I can’t wear the used clothes they give me”

A longing for the field led to more difficult plans. “I lost 13 years of my life Now I want to regain my freedom. I want some normalcy. I can wear my own clothes and shoes, not the used ones they give me. And I like to work, not collect waste To get paid to buy my stuff”.

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