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‘Gina Lollobrigida’s Treasure Hidden in an Offshore Company in Panama’: His Son’s Accusation Against Factotum Piazzolla

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actress Gina Lollobrigida She passed away on January 16 of last year. From that day on, a war broke out between the son Andrea Milko Scovic A jack of all trades Andrew Piazzola. The latter, who is currently on trial for defrauding an incapacitated person, has announced that he will donate the money to trust that will promote Lollobrigida’s artistic activity. In the meantime, however, from an investigation he conducted espresso It turns out that March 6, 2014 An offshore company was opened in those Panama. there Bewick International Inc. Today you can guard Lollo’s treasure. Appreciate 3.9 million euros After auctioning her jewelry and rarities. Piazzolla, a former freight unloader for a car manufacturer who, according to the indictment at trial, could have stolen 3 million euros From the estate of the actress. In real estate and cash. Now the search for judges begins with this very money.

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In Panama, it is possible to open companies anonymously in the name of trustees. To specify the beneficiary, power of attorney or authorization to manage the company’s funds. In case Buick The beneficiary is the king Luigia Gina Lollobrigida. She is the only one who obtained permission to open a “bank account.” zero for an emirate monk With full powers in managing the funds.” The resolution is signed by the three secretaries of the company alcohol to Panama City. The trace that leads to the outside starts from the villa in Rome and from the company with which it is registered, orI lived for artThis belongs to one holding Located in the Principality of Monaco:Dusulin“. In the 2018 This company, itself anonymous, opened an account at the Safra Bank in Monaco. Indicating the representative as the beneficiary. “capital Dusulin It is represented by 200 shares that are not in the inheritance inventory. We do not know who owns it, ”says the lawyer Michele Gentiloni SilveriWho helps Skofic.

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at will Lollobrigida Leaving legitimacy or half of his estate to his son. The other half a ejaculate. and lawyers Scovik They assume that in 2014 Open jack of all trades Company A Panama Actress deception. Persuading her to sign the papers without understanding their meaning. Now defense investigations aim to understand whether V.I Buick There is money or if it is emptied or in years or after the death of the actress. the 3.9 million euros After depositing at Montecarlo July 28, 2013 in a tax haven. However, the Monegasque authorities did not inform the beneficiary of the replies to the letters of attorney of the Italian justice.

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