June 4, 2023

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From Canada to Abandoned Olive Trees – The Chronicle

He signed a “life contract” with Tuscany. Not a house, but a field, in the Sant’Alessio area where abandoned olive trees have been living for years, a team of young professionals has decided to revive them. She is fourteen of these today. From Canada (precisely the city of Quebec) to Pistoia, 65-year-old Giorgio Uhlinger, a retired, stamped his love in the Tuscan countryside, supported the Piston startup Agent Oliva’s project of abandoned olive groves. One-year activity and targets may exceed all expectations: adoptions quadrupled within a year (2,500 plants accepted) and business supporters in continuous growth. Among the recently reclaimed “valuable” areas are three hectares of olive groves surrounding the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci, initially handed over by the Diocese of Piston. Associations supporting Ager Oliva include Legambiente Pistoia, Slow Food Toscana and Cna Toscana Centro, while companies include Sorgenia, Cpl Concordia, Calzedonia Austria and Gse. Ager Oliva was finally selected by Credit Agricole’s start-up accelerator “Le Village di Parma”, which introduces the young company from Pistoia to their core partners and beyond. And the company smiles, in addition to the production of natural and green gold, the real primary product of our region.

“In addition to the new adoptions, there is another fact: most of those who accepted a plant in 2021 decided to extend their commitment in 2022 – explains Tomaso Tommy, founder of the startup – we have more than fifteen collaborators to date. We look forward to welcoming our supporters to the Olive Tree Tour on our land in Vinci above. ” Connect to the website www.ageroliva.it to adopt a plant, select that location, select the preferred plant, and wait for the oil to arrive when the season marks the moment.

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However, this scheme is suitable for those who have plants and those who need a hand. Appeal on the site: “We are always looking for abandoned olive groves in Tuscany. Are you interested in giving them under management and contributing to the restoration of territory and vegetation? These are just some of the ways in which we can collaborate: Zero costs to a farm leaseholder over 15 years or a farm finance revaluation or one object. If the farm has Synergy – we study – Minimum number of plants: 500 or less (300) If we are within 10 km of our existing field, please contact us by email at [email protected] or call us at 3383744589.