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Forest treatment, recommended by doctors in Canada. But it is worth doing it yourself

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No.In drugs but going green. Doctors in Canada today can prescribe forest treatment instead of traditional therapies or immerse themselves in nature: in the form of a free pass to the wonderful national parks. Initiative PaRx (Park Drugs), Launched in British Columbia and has already been extended to other Canadian provinces. “Nature should be considered as the fourth pillar of healthSaid Dr. Melissa Lem, promoter of the program. “Important As well as diet, exercise and good sleep For a proper lifestyle “. The standard recommendation for the program is two hours a week, natural, not less than 20 minutes. From diabetes to depression there are many pathologies that can be recommended.

From Japan to Scotland, Italy

The benefits of wild air in our health have already been confirmed by science. The first to read them were the Japanese: bathing in the forest, or “Shinrin-yoga” This has been the most common practice in the land of the rising sun since the 1980s and has been the subject of in-depth investigation for decades. But in Scotland and Sweden, for example, forest treatment is recommended for some people with depression, thus reducing the use of psychotropic drugs. The principles of this method have been studied by CNR in Italy in association with the Italian Alpine Club (They are collected Forest therapy, edited Federico Meneguzzo and Francesca ZabiniPublisher of the Italian Alpine Club) And there is oneItalian Society of Forest Medicine.

The power of nature

Many blessings to all

First, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released by trees have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and balsamic effects. On the respiratory tract. With positive effects Cardiovascular, endocrine and immune systems; And in the brain. Browsing a tree is like having a session Aromatherapy Very powerful and all natural. Not only: More sound and visual sense stimuli Forests contribute to general relaxation because they are simple, repetitive and easy to explain without much cognitive effort.

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And we want to forget the well-being we give Touch? Contact with wood reduces the activity of the brain and reduces the levels of stress hormones. The noise, the sound of birds, the rustling of leaves and the murmur of water coming from streams and waterfalls create the same effect of meditation.

When and where to do forestry treatment

Not all trees are the same: the greatest concentration of VOCs is inhaled In Forests Conifers, black, silhouette and marine pines, or red and white firs, but also in peach, chestnut and oak forests. The best times to enjoy it are early morning and the first light of dawn.

Without haste and stress

Photo by Christine Brand, Certified Forest Therapist, William O’Brien at State Park, USA (Photo by Getty Images by Jerry Holt / Star Tribune)

First, you do not have to fight: the walk of about 3-4 kilometers, should be a pleasure. But staying in a wooded area for a long time is also okay. There are especially relevant places. As Levi Molinari Asylum The first testing station in the Alps Treatment Forest. Or the Breath Park In Phi Della Paganella, with paths suitable for strollers. Or theOasis Jagna, In Val Sessera, with guided forest bathing walks. Or La Malin-Mill, Forest Treatment Center At Friuli Venezia Giulia, courses dedicated to children with asthma and cancer. With nothing special, you can find satisfaction in an urban park. Or go to orthopedics.

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