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Football, second category: Casulizzi tied with Frecia Azzurra, and Superga return to success

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Casulizzi drew at home against Freccia Azzurra 0-0Mister Garavaglia’s men had the best defense in the league and saw them move up the standings over Zepido, who emerged victorious in Midi over Lomelina 1-0, courtesy of Maro’s goal. Now biancobl has three points ahead of Milanese.

Back to winning Superga. Castellazzi hit Virtus Abbiatenes 2-1and critical networks episodes And Cassini. Three points allow Ducal to return to the play-off zone, and they are now fourth in the standings.

Another crushing victory for Virtus Lomellina in Gambolo, with a score of 4-2. for gentlemen to sign by Biasi And Augustinewhile the guests decide to race from the eraAnd redis And tailor (Author of Prop). Virtus, after a long chase, has finally entered the qualifying zone. For Gambol, on the other hand, the ranking situation becomes more complicated.

Pro Ferreira and San Giorgio drew 2-2. to the jamb see them For rossobls, they answer Richard And Pace to St. George.

The match between Gravelones and Mortara ended in a 2-2 draw.stent Tosu That’s not enough for the orange-greens, who were then joined by goals Onita And sapphire. Gravelonesi thus rises to 21 points, leaving his superiority over the playing area unchanged. The same goes for Mortara, who is only one length ahead of the Fontana-led team.

In the playing area, Grobbello’s position remained the same, stopping at home for a 1-1 against the Nevada Calcio.. In the goal for the hosts pedestrian.

The next day is scheduled at Casarile-Superga, Mortara-Cassolese, Lomellina-Gambolò, Nevada-Gravellonese, San Giorgio-Gropello, Virtus Abbiatense-Pro Ferrera and Virtus Lomellina-Buccinasco.

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