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Curling: Sweden wins gold again at the 2022 World Cup. Canada lost 6-8

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Sweden wins again. After winning the Beijing 2022 Olympics, the Nordics won Gold medal in the fourth edition following the 2022 World Championships in Las Vegas (United States), beat Canada 6-8.

Victory for the led team Nicholas Edin, To the end. The beginning is not the best: in the first two results Canada actually sees three points, Marking the seal in the opening round and stealing the hand in the next round. However, the Swedish answer did not take long Score too In the next two rounds, two units increased in the third round and one in the fourth round, respectively.


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Kushu, the North American captain in the middle of the game, scores a point in the sixth round and tries to regain control of the race. The first Swedish shock comes: Edin puts two stones in place and finds a nice tag out over it For the first time it has a presence of 4-5.

So they follow Two exciting exchanges of support This will allow both teams At the end of the ninth they can find themselves at 6-6. However, in the final act, at the most crucial moment of the game, Kushu failed to slide his stone as he wished. In practice Edin did not fail to open the fieldFind the colon and take it home Eleventh world title in the history of morality for Sweden.

The next meeting with Curling is scheduled for April 23-30 in Geneva, home of the 2022 Mixed Doubles World Cup.


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