Home sport Castionetto and Mediolanum lead the ranking

Castionetto and Mediolanum lead the ranking

Castionetto and Mediolanum lead the ranking

The midweek round of the CSI Sondrio Excellence Championship, which was marked by another move by Campodolcino who stopped at Villa C7 Metior for 4 to 1, stayed at 16 points and was overtaken by Fondazione Mediolanum and Finarc GS Castionetto who won and collected 3 points and were placed at the top of the standings at 19. For Mr. Marchi’s team, it was a 4 to 3 win over Real Magnan’s Malinche, while the white and blue team beat away in the lower valley the American Ardenno Buglio Ideal Caff√® 3 a 1. Win by the same score, 5-0, for Ada United over its host Cozio Autotorino and Calcio 7 miss at home against Born to Dreams Castell√≥n. Also celebrated with a Bar Igloo Pro Loco Traona party who in front of a friendly crowd beat Sporting Valchiavenna 4 to 3. The only tie between Lake’s Games Calcio a 7 and ASD Caspoggio ended 1 to 1.

In the scorers list, Simone Parilla (ADA United) increased his score to 16 goals, followed by Valerio Martinucci (Villa C7 Meteor) to one goal.

Promotion, in recovery Novate Autocerfoglia wins

In the Group B promotion, the CSI Valmasino and Novate Autocerfoglia match was restored and ended 2-0 for the hosts. The combined classification for the two groups sees Grosso Impianti in the lead with 13 points, followed by Novate Autocerfoglia with 12. ASD 6 Campanili, Fusine maker Valtellina Giochi and Polisportiva Andalo at 10 points.


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