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Boldrini returns to the attack: “Immigration as a weapon of distraction”

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Laura Boldrini Don’t shoot anything at Meloni’s government on the issue of managing immigration. It does so from de pages the recipientThen insert the link to the interview obtained by the newspaper on his Twitter profile.

the interview

The ex-exponent of Liu talks about the Decree-Law of January 2, 2023, n. 1, that is, which contains urgent provisions for the management of migratory flows and stamps them as “Shipwreck decree“, saying that she is convinced that it is a ruling that cannot be modified in any way, and therefore must be canceled permanently without the possibility of mediation. “Withdraw this decree immediately. The law of the sea is to save lives. You cannot hide the principles of human foot.”Boldrini Comments. “You can’t erase those values ​​that are in our country’s DNA: generosity and hospitality.”

The MP doesn’t even like the name given to the decree. “It’s a confusing definition, flow management is another. It changes the Bossi-Fini law, it defines sponsors to look for work, it issues a flow decree responding to the demands of the productive world, it makes agreements with the countries of origin with this decree”Says the former Speaker of Parliament, “Other things have been accomplished: wrecks become means of containing arrivals.”

attack on the executive branch

Boldrini points an accusing finger at the government and against the decree in question, and as a consequence, according to Liu Ex, “more dead And the more you reach, the less. “And the government’s anger against NGOs is dramatic. I call this decree ‘shipwrecks’ because forcing a rescue ship to travel a thousand kilometers before entering port means only blocking the sea from those offering rescue.”. But Boldrini also has a very personal explanation for the reasoning behind this decision ready. “They want to distract the public from issues that need immediate answers. We need to contain inflation, deal with collapsing productivity, and curb soaring gasoline prices and soaring bills.”parliamentarian drowns, “There are issues that are shaking the country and instead they don’t know how to deal with it they are using immigration distraction weapon“.

Increase funds

The advocates of the Democratic Party also present its recipe for managing the problem, which cannot be separated from the foundation “European rescue mission. ‘Mare Nostrum’ with ships from EU member states”. It doesn’t matter much that in the end only Italy is open, also because according to Boldrini, the fact that Reception facilities In our country they are falling apart. “The associations I have just met tell me that this is not true.”The former Speaker of Parliament continues, “In municipalities between 10 and 20 percent of places are still available.”

But for Boldrini, the space available to immigrants is not enough. And in order for it to grow, it is necessary to encourage associations that have recently stopped participating in tenders with additional funds. “Providing hospitality has become almost impossible. Many associations no longer participate in tenders, and tenders are deserted.”He explains in conclusion, “This is because the shape The money they give to the management of the centers is not even enough to cover the basic expenses. We need to work on this, too.”

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