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Artillery from Moscow, Canada, 30 countries

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ROME – Heavy artillery from Canada to Ukraine: The announcement was made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said he was ready to accept the demands of the Kiev government and that details of the supplies would be announced in the coming days.
The reports were released to reporters in Dalhousie yesterday afternoon. The American newspaper The New York Times later reported that at least 30 countries, mostly NATO members, had now sent arms to Kiev.

Ukraine needs heavy vehicles

The head of government, referring to the needs of the Ukrainian military, promised to thwart the Russian offensive, which began on February 24, saying “their latest demand is for Canada to assist them with heavy artillery in view of the current stage of the war.” .
According to the New York Times, “Western nations focused on sending long-range weapons such as howitzers, anti-aircraft systems, anti-ship missiles, armored drones, and armored trucks.Transport mechanisms for the transportation of employees e Tanks too“.

Berlin worries about mortar infantry armored vehicles

The newspaper highlighted how The shipment of munitions and food to some European capitals is feared to intensify and escalate the conflict. First, Berlin noted that “sending mortar armored infantry vehicles, considered the best in the world, could be seen by Russia as a direct intervention in the conflict between Germany and NATO”.

And today Helsinki is considering joining NATO

New deliveries are consistent with one another New Moscow attack on the eastern Donbass region. On the other hand, negotiations between the parties are paralyzed. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia was constantly waiting for Ukraine’s response to recent plans. According to Kiev negotiator Mykhailo Podolyak, it is not clear when the talks will resume. Meanwhile, it risks contributing to new tensions Parliamentary debate on possible application for Finnish NATO membership begins today in HelsinkiHistorically neutral country at military level sharing 1,300 km of border with Russia.

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