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“Another ship collided in the Black Sea”: another blow to the Tsar’s fleet

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The conflict in Ukraine is getting more and more difficult for Putin’s army: once again the scenario was the scene of the waters of the Black Sea where Russian ship “Sirna” class near Snake Island. The news came from the “Southern Operations Command in Kyiv” and was published by the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda. However, details of the operation have not yet been provided: what has been said but needs further confirmation is the use of the vehicle that targeted and destroyed the ship, Bayraktar TB2 Drone Small and agile, and this has already caused the destruction of other means used by Russian soldiers.

We will explain later.

Now there is war, and when it is possible, I will be declared details. Information that can be presented to the public is now made available and does not harm the military and Ukraine. Everything will be explained laterOn the sinking of the countless Russian ship, the Odessa Military Administration spokesman Serhiy Prachuk said, and the Operations Command published a video clip of the moments before and after the attack.

Apart from the short film, the Ukrainian media is not aware of any other details either. In the meantime, sarcastic comments and tweets are pouring in on social media about the Russian fleet and Putin’s army. “The traditional Russian Black Sea Fleet parade will be held on May 9 this year near Snake Island, at the bottom of the seaThe user writes.

fire on makarov

As we have seen in, it is not a particularly favorable period for Putin’s naval fleet since yesterday, the main ship of Russian military ships was already bombed after the sinking of the frigate Moskva. Admiral Makarovdespite the Kremlin’s claim.No news of vehicle collisions in the areaAs the Ukrainian media recalled, about a month ago (April 13) was the turn of the most famous defeats by the Ukrainian Neptune missiles that hit and sank the cruiser Moskva, causing serious technical and moral damage.

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