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Alessandro Borghi, star of The Hanging Sun

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Available exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW the Sky Original, a film directed by Francesco Carrozzini and based on a novel by Joe Nespo that closed the 2022 Venice Film Festival sees the talented Romanian actor as a man fleeing the past and searching for a new future in a majestic setting in the far north.

Long, shaggy hair and beard, heavy sweater, crumpled jacket. And two intense and piercing blue eyes. Alessandro Borgo He seems born for that grandeur and premise of the Great North (which is generic in the film, but is clearly Norwegian: at the film’s basis is a homonymous novel by Joe Nesbo) which are landscapes to Hanging Sun – Midnight SunThe thriller that sees him in the role of a man fleeing his violent past who, in the far north, where the sun never sets, finds in a young woman and her son the key to the door to a new future.
An Italian-British co-production, produced by Sky, Cattleya and Greenland StudiosAnd the Available exclusively on Sky Cinema and streaming only right Now And the Hanging Sun – Midnight Sun It is a movie – directed by Francesco Carrozzini – Put villages Along with some giants of Anglo-Saxon acting such as Peter Mullan And the Charles DanceAnd the rising stars of that cinema are like the good guys Jessica Brown Findlay.
And there, beside them, he acts in English, which is not his language, and in the role of an almost abstract but physical, silent and complex figure like that of John, a murderer with a painful past who wants to change his life, Alessandro Borgo He does not denigrate the character at all, but makes all his indisputable talent significant.

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The Hanging Sun – Midnight: official trailer and plot of the thriller with Alessandro Borghi

John (Alessandro Borghi) is on the run. Find shelter deep in the woods, near an isolated village in the far north, where religion rules, the sun never sets and people seem to belong to another age. Between him and his fate are only Leah (Jessica Brown Findlay), a woman with difficulty but with great strength, and her son Caleb, a curious child with a pure heart. As the Midnight Sun confuses reality with fantasy, John will have to confront the tragic past that haunts him.

one of Hanging Sun – Midnight Sunwhich was also the film that officially closed in September 2022 the seventy-ninth edition of Venice Film FestivalIt wasn’t the first occasion Alessandro Borgo Act in English with stars of international caliber. He is the Romanian actor, in fact, the most intense protagonist of the TV series demonsbased on the novel of the same name Guido Maria Brera which tells of the intrigues and dark sides of big international finance. and in demonsin a role Maximus Rogera kind of alter ego of Pereira, villages He showed no fear or uncertainty in acting alongside the Hollywood star Patrick DempseyFace the character of his mentor and rival Dominic Morgan.

They are clear and strong signals, signals Hanging Sun – Midnight Sun Based on demonswhich shows just how ready this 36-year-old actor is for the big international spotlight.

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Italy is the heart of cinema lovers villages He has already conquered them, and in a very few years, thanks to some truly memorable interpretations: certainly a first for Vittorio in beauty Don’t be naughty to Claudius Caligariwhere he formed a great pair with his friend Luca Marinellirecently repaired, marking The eight mountains, the film based on a novel by Paolo Cognetti which was in competition in Cannes and which is shown in Italian cinemas at Christmas; the second of Stefano Cucci in a movie Alessio Cremonini on my skinwhich told sparingly but with great dramatic effect the story of a Roman boy who died after being beaten by the Carabinieri while on remand.
Self Don’t be naughty (but also SuburaAnd the Veiled NaplesAnd the luckyand later too The first king) earned him nominations David DonatelloAnd the on my skin It made him win the award and cemented his place as one of the most interesting young Italian actors on our home cinema scene, but not only.
as well as inHanging Sun – Midnight SunBorghi’s John finds his way into the future, and the film could be an important business card for the actor toward new and increasingly important international spotlights.

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