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6-year-old boy found dead in a river and his father unconscious on the beach: a stunning reconstruction of a horrific tragedy

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Sankt John. a terrible relationship Still with the outline mystery But this begins, At least for the Tyrolean press, the first dynamic rebuilding that comes directly from police sources. The facts are that small body From 6 year old child It was found lifeless in Sankt Johann, Tirol, in Kitzbüheler River Ache about 6.20 a.m. In order to raise the alarm about the disappearance of the child The father was unconscious On the banks of the same stream, by a passerby before one hour.

What was to happen was reconstructed in these hours which is a tragically unbelievable story. This is the reconstruction: As in other circumstances father was walking The son, who suffers from some mental disorders, is in a wheelchair In the middle of the night (it was about four o’clock) to calm him down When someone attack from behind and hit him with one bottle He loses consciousness.

man, in fact, He was going to have his wallet and cell phone stolen. while the The father was on the floor, unconscious, the child will fall from Wheel chair And after getting close on the river bank He was going to fall into the water to be carried away by the current. whileabout 5.20A passerby noticed man on earth She asked for help and helped him regain consciousness.

The Father regained some clarity He realized that the child had gone and immediately asked Police help who immediately arrived and began dredging the river. The dead child’s body was found about 600 meters downstream an hour later. Tirol police are investigating the incident.

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